The Great American Scream Machine


9. The Return of Winter the Trouble I'm In

Business sailed through October, and each day was easily a thousand dollar day, and we were of course the top truck every day at the Seaport for that day.  Every day people would flock to our truck and we'd crush it out.  It was awesome.

And then November 1st hit.  Like a shot from a Howitzer.  Boom.  Business dropped.  By about 40-50%.  November trudged on, and business didn't pick up.  A thousand dollar day began to feel like a miracle at that point.  Worse yet, the Seaport was constructing a Christmas tree and an inflatable bar at our spot on Fulton, and they were moving the trucks BACK to the shitty spot we were at before.

Business completely dropped...and we went down to making like $200 a day.  Every truck that had a permit dropped out of the Seaport.  Every single truck.  We were the last truck still going to the Seaport.  So it definitely wasn't the quality of our product.  I mean we had 4.5 stars on Yelp!, and every other truck in the business pretty much comes to eat from us every day and tells us we're way better than any other truck they eat from.  They couldn't believe we weren't busier with the quality of the stuff we were putting out.

So basically, this is where I'm at right now.  I'm at the Seaport making right around that $200 a day in gross sales.  Business has stagnated, and I'm hoping I can get some catering jobs to get us through the winter.  It's going to be a LONG, tough winter.  But I'm gonna do my absolute best to navigate through this and make it till the Seaport can pick up again.  

We don't give up easy....and when you've hit the bottom, you don't really want to return to it.  I'm not gonna go down without a fight.  I still think we got this.  Thanks for reading.  Happy New Year!

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