The Great American Scream Machine


8. The (not so) Glorious Return to NYC

One weekend, I drove back to NYC to check out the situation up there and meet with people at the Seaport to see if I was able to park there despite not having the permit.

The Seaport had long since moved the food trucks from the FANTASTIC spot we crushed it in May, to a side street that cut business basically by 60-75%.  They had made promises of moving us back to the main street on Fulton.  When I came back to NYC, it was early October, and they were just about to move the trucks back to Fulton.

One of my friends in the business informed me that he also did not have a permit, but was able to park on private property using a special permit issued by the city for events, which I also possessed.  

I was driving back to my apartment in Queens across the Manhattan Bridge listening to Hot 97, when the old school Puff Daddy - "It's All About the Benjamins" came on the radio.  I had already made my mind up that I was going to come back to NYC, but as I was jamming out as I drove across the bridge, I realized that NYC is where I wanted to be in this business.  I made the decision to come back to NYC.

I went back to Baltimore and informed my right hand man and his wife who have faithfully stuck by me through this entire ordeal...that we were returning to NYC.

We brought the truck back to NYC with much excitement and returned to the Seaport the next day.

We went right back to having thousand dollar day after thousand dollar day.  

I had a spot at the Seaport for 7 days a week, and every other truck that went to the Seaport was jealous of my ability to get it.  Some of the best trucks in NYC came to the Seaport and were able, if they were lucky, to get one or two days  a week.  I had 7 days.  It looked like it was going to be alright, and I started paying down my bills.

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