The Great American Scream Machine


7. Rolling With the Punches

So Sunday wasn't the savior day that I needed it to be...

I sat there on Sunday on the day after the event, and realized that I was in a pretty big pickle.

There was NO way I had the capital for my permit.  I had to look for a new home for my truck.  I quickly got it together and started researching how to get a food truck permit in Baltimore.  For two extra days, my truck stayed at this field in Baltimore while I figured out what the hell to do with my business.

To say it was stressful would be the understatement of the year.  So, I spend the next two days trying to get my permit in Baltimore so I can get back on the streets and start selling all this product I had left over from the Star Spangled Spectacular.

I was pretty successful at navigating the permit situation in Baltimore, and got my permit within about 3 days.  And I was back on the street.  I found a commissary in a small town outside of Baltimore, and joined the Baltimore Food Truck Association.  

We were absolutely crushing it at the weekly events called "the Gathering".  However, during the week...we were struggling to make ends meet on the streets of Baltimore.  Our worst days in NYC weren't close to as bad as the street game in Baltimore.  It was clearly a completely different environment.  

My problem was that I acquired a great deal of debt in trying to get out of the hole from the winter.  And the loss at the Star Spangled Spectacular exacerbated the situation.  

The Gatherings were coming to an end...and winter was coming.  It was not a good situation to be in.


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