The Great American Scream Machine


2. Grad School and Careers Stars

So it's now February of 2010, and I had broken up with the girl I met in China after moving to Columbia. Long-distance relationships becoming regular relationships can cause all sorts of changes.  Shortly after I broke up with the girl I met in China, I met a really nice girl that was absolutely stunning from obviously I had some report there since I studied in Shanghai. And we ended up dating. She was a knock out for sure.

After I graduated from USC, I couldn't find work that easily.  I lived with my gf from Shanghai while I sent out resume after resume. Finally a job opened up in Michelin's North American HQ in Greenville, SC, where I worked as an Analyst doing a risk analysis profile for a huge contract for Michelin to be the supplier for the Defense Logistics Agency(the outfit that supplies all the supplies for the various branches of the military). That was a six month gig, and they weren't going to add me on full time. So I was really worried I was going to be unemployed again.

My childhood hero was my father's employer.  He's single handedly trying to end malaria in Africa through his Malaria No More foundations, and I reached out to him, and asked if I could volunteer to go to Africa and help out in any facility. Just before I was about to sign up to go, one of my fraternity brothers sent me a job posting for an investment banking-esque job in Atlanta with Delta Air Lines.

I applied and called and called and called, and I eventually got through to the manager who was responsible for hiring for that job. I got an interview for what was my dream job. The interview went like shit. I came back to Columbia to stay with my gf, and got absolutely shit housed drunk since I figured the interview was going to lead to nothing. I woke up the next morning still drunk when my phone rang....and it was Delta. I got the job! 

So I moved to Atlanta. Moved to Midtown, and did the whole corporate investment bank. Complex trading floor. Big shots from the various bulge bracket banks coming in to take us out for fancy dinners and drinks.  A reporter from CNBC just wrote a book that featured my bosses and the creation of my position in her book entitled "The Secret Club that Runs the World".  

One day, my boss called me in his office and was like, we're assigning you to work in Trainer, Pennsylvania to work on an acquisition of an oil refinery there.  Delta Air Lines was acquiring a refinery from Conoco Philips and I worked with that deal.   

My girlfriend had gotten a job in New York City at that time. So I decided to move there and try to leverage my contacts to get in with a big investment bank there. Well, I move to NYC, and the girlfriend and I start having mayday mayday type problems. So we break up. I had the job of my dreams, girl of my dreams, apartment of dreams, and was on the highway to living the "comfortable life" and it was gone in the span of about a month.

It was the lowest point of my life.

The one thing that got me through being unable really to get out of bed from being so bummed out about what was going down, was Tennessee football. We were awful, but it gave me a channel to keep my mind off it. I love Tennessee football more than anything for being there for me during my darkest times.


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