Forever and Always

Liam Payne meets a girl named Rose out side of an ally crying. some man had assaulted and robed her. Rose is afraid of Liam at first, but slowly warms up to him. No one has every been kind to her or taken care of her. Her mom died giving birth to her, and her father blamed her for it. She always got beat by fists and other items. He was about to rape her , but go away. that's how Liam found her. Little does she know the Person who attacked her was close, or used to be, close to Liam...


1. My Finding

  Liam's P.O.V.

  I was walking home from a recording session with the lads. Since Harry gave me a ride I got stuck walking home. He was going to a club and i dint drink so i just decided to walk. It was only like fifteen blocks any way. While walking I got to take in what a beautiful city London is. I don't care how many times Niall says Ireland is better, London is pure amazing. Even when its as cold as it is. God, I so should of brought a jacked of something. The walk was mostly quiet except for a few birds or mice. As i was coming up to an ally entrance I heard a weird sound, like crying. I stopped at the entrance.

"Hello?" no reply

 I started to walk away when the crying got louder. Being me, I entered the ally, and had my phone out, looking in the dark for the source of the noise. I stopped when I saw a girl laying on the ground with cuts and bruises running all along her body. She was crying, and from the looks it, struggling to get up. I rushed over to her, I had only brushed her shoulder with my finger, when she flinched away and let out a scream. She turned her head to look at me, fear filled her eyes.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I promise," I said trying to calm her. 

  She was still slowly nodded, that gave me some relief. I reached out my had to help her up. She took it hezetently. I helped her up, and almost she collapsed in my arms. She was so lite and fragile, it was a little to easy to hold her. I quickly adjusted my grip on her and started to fun towards the hospital.      


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