New Beginning

Lindsey is living pretty normaly till she goes to visit her boyfriend on tour. After that everything goes down road. Life isn't the same and no one understands time to start a new beginning


2. winter

I woke up the next morning at about 6:00 am. I always wake up early but I do t quite know washy. My body is just really confusing. I went into the bathroom and stripped my clothes. I walked up into the full length mirror. I wasn't happy with my figure as usual but that's just my insecure self. I looked over and a smile grew in my face. It might sound really wierd, but I'm I love with my ass.

Everyone's got that one asset of there body that they really like and mind was always my butt. I'm not gonna lie it's pretty big and not fat. It reminded me of Iggy Azalea and it was the only part of me I wasn't insecure about.

I stepped into the shower and let the warm water rinse through my hair. I wanted it just stand there all day and let the soothing water cover me.

I washed up and stepped out. I dried off sloped ok a blink-182 shirt and some black high waisted shorts. Then I laughed at myself realizing it was winter and walked into my room to get some more clothes.

I pulled over a hoodie and replaced my shorts with jeans and went downstairs. I bent over to pick up the wrapping paper cause my family lazy as fuck and didn't pick it up.

When I was done I say in the couch and pulled out my phone. 3 text from Niall. I was happy and sad at the same time. Niall dosent usually text me when he's busy unless it's important.

1st text- hey you wanna know what ya got for Christmas.

2nd text- it's....

3rd text-we'll one of then is... PLANE TICKETS TO COME SEE ME!!

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