New Beginning

Lindsey is living pretty normaly till she goes to visit her boyfriend on tour. After that everything goes down road. Life isn't the same and no one understands time to start a new beginning


1. Christmas Eve

Lindsey's p.o.v.

Today's Dec. 24 2014 and I'm really exited I mean yeah my boyfriends not home...pause let me tell ya bout myself. I'm Lindsey and I live a pretty basic 20 and my dream is to be in a girl band that would play there own instruments. I've got lots of siblings and I'm living a pretty normal life. But, I mean unless you count Niall Horan being my boyfriend. To sum up how it all started here it is: so I'm Zayn's little sister and that pretty much explains how I met Niall.

But I don't wanna just dawn on me and Niall this is my story and I hope your ready fir the ride!

I ran downstairs the next day exited like any little kid on christmas even though I was 20. I saw presents all around the tree and a smile grew wide in my face.

To pretty much sum up Christmas like any one else's my family opined up our gifts, which btw I didn't get much I'm still overly greatful and happy, then we just chilled all day.

I was in my room messing around with my new acoustic drum thinking of my wish to be on a band when Heaven walked in. She's my twin sister but we look nothing alike. When my hair was it's natural blonde color we looked a lot alike but then I started to dye it brown long ago and we don't look much alike now. My hair kinda bothers me I love it brown but in pictures of me with it brown you can tell it's not natural so all my pictures are of me with my short blonde hair looking fetus.

It kinda confuses me on my hair tho. I was born with blonde hair and when I was young it was blonde but when I got about 11 I hated it. In the winter it would turn brownish and I liked it. I dyed it once and after that it changed to this brown color and stayed like that. I do t even did my hair it's just brown and it kinda scares me. Don't ask why cause I really don't know what so ever.

"I didn't wanna give you your gift in front of everyone else" she said handing me a small box wrapped with gold paper. A smile grew in my face and I tore it open. It was the ring I had always wanted. A rose gold infinity symbol ring. "You know the drill" I said leaning into a hug and saying thank you.

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