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Calim was never one to fall in love with an American, considering he can only speak chinese.... Melissa couldn't understand anything Calim said, but it felt like true love. DISCLAIMER: THIS MAY SEEM RACIST, BUT DONT TAKE OFFENSE. IT IS JUST ANOTHER FANDOM JOKE. ITS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE.


3. 0.2

Calim woke up and he felt very very strange. He ignored it and started his daily routine. When his mom started talking to him in chinese, he didn't understand a word she said. That was weird.

Calim walked out the door and made his way to the bus stop. On the way there, he decided to listen to music. The song he chose was "Still Breathing" by Mayday Parade. Things were getting really strange when Calim was able to understand every word that was being sung. He usually just liked the tune, but now he understood the meaning of the song because he could actually translate the language. He had no idea how this happened.

When Calim got to school, he decided to test out this new ability. He walked through the halls, as he noticed he could see clearly. He rushed to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He looked at his eyes, which were no longer slits. They were normal.

Calim ran through the hallways with a huge smile on his face. He greeted everyone he saw, which either resulted in a weird stare, or a smile back. He got to his first period class, which was always chemistry. He sat down quickly and waited for his lab partner, Melissa.

Melissa walked in a few minutes later. Calim was so excited to talk to her because he hadn't had a proper conversation with her, due to the fact that yesterday he couldn't speak English.

"Hi Melissa!" Calim exclaimed. The teacher had to shush him because he basically screamed.

"Hey, Calim..!" Melissa whisper-shouted, to mimic his scream, without being too loud. "I thought you couldn't speak English..?"

"That's what I thought, too. I woke up knowing how to understand English, but not chinese. I have no idea how it happened."

"That's weird."

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