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Calim was never one to fall in love with an American, considering he can only speak chinese.... Melissa couldn't understand anything Calim said, but it felt like true love. DISCLAIMER: THIS MAY SEEM RACIST, BUT DONT TAKE OFFENSE. IT IS JUST ANOTHER FANDOM JOKE. ITS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE.


2. 0.1

Calim walked through the halls of his new school. He made sure to feel the wall while walking due to the fact that he can barely see through his eyes, well, more like slits.

He was new to all of this. In china he was taught to farm rice and to read scrolls. Calim daydreamed about how much more farmland he would have to grow his precious rice. He was soon brought back to reality when the bell rang, signaling first period.

He squinted at his schedule to find that he had chemistry first.

Calim stumbled through the hallways and found his way to the classroom. He took a seat in the back, but soon regretted it when the teacher started writing notes on the board. Calim didn't have good vision in the first place, but with his squinty eyes, it felt like he was blind. He raised his hand.

"Yes, Caleb?" The teacher narrowed his eyes at Calim, which seemed pretty racist.

“Zhè shì...... È...... Calim fǎnzhèng, wǒ kěyǐ gèng jiējìn qián lā shēng, wǒ de shìlì bù tài hǎo. ”

The teacher gave Calim a disgusted look. "Whatever, Ching Chong."

Calim scowled at the nickname but moved to a chair directly in the front of the room. As he sat down, his lab partner stuck out her hand.

"Hi I'm Melissa." She gave him a smile. Calim was very confused as to what she said because he didn't speak English. He ended up just nodding and shaking her hand.

Now that he could see the notes, he began to copy them, when he realized he couldn't understand them. Calim had no idea how to translate English so he just sat there staring at Melissa the whole time. He was so confused already and just wanted to go home and have his favorite meal, dog and rice.

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