Help Me See

Get lost in a imagination of true wisdom and honestly, look through your mind, remember that pesky fly? he's here to guide you on how to see.


1. see it yourself

Momma said there is no food on the table,

No milk to drink,

Can you help me see?

Why there is no living?

All I see is the disaster.

I do not understand these wars.

They say the army men fight for me.

But I am only one boy.

Momma said daddy didn't make it today.

I simply asked her why.

She said life has only one point of living.

And that is to believin' heaven my boy.

We work to see the far away galaxy.

We work to see a good true city.

But the truest thing about life my boy is,

believin' the earth or the stars or the moon,

let one tear drop touch your cheek.

watch the pretty ladies.

and never tell your children you'll be back in a week.

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