The Hunter and The Hunted

Genevieve Hope Salvatore is Damon and Stefan Salvatore's little sister. The last time they saw her was when their dad told her away from think she's a vampire. Little did they know she is one and is with Katherine. What happens when she comes back to Mystic Falls and the Winchester brother are in town. Will she fall in love with the oldest Winchester brother or will she get killed?
Thanks for the amazing cover @Toxic Queen!
@Luke J.R I also love yours so im using it on my Quotev one cause both of these books are on there.


7. Secrets told

"Dean drive faster!" I whined. "I'm going as fast as I can without hurting my baby!" He said patting the car." Oh, ya. He has a obsession with his car." I whispered to Shannon. "I heard that! Its not a obsession its called taking care of things. You should try it sometime." He said frustrated.

"I have took care of things in my life! Don't forget I'm over 100 years old. I know more than you do." I said, getting him agitated. I saw it worked cause his face started getting red. I just smirked," Aww cat got your tongue?"

"Dean don't worry bout her! She's just trying to get you mad." Sam said, trying to calm him down. "Sam can you please turn up the music?" I asked. "Sure, you like this kind of music?" He asked shocked. "What kind of music did you peg me for? Cause your wrong, 80's music is the best." I said sassing him.

"I pegged you for a girl that listens to songs bout romance." He said smirking. I just sighed, I could barely hear Dean say we might actually get along. I don't think we will, we are too different. He hunts me and I hide in the shadows from him. "We're here." I heard Cas say as he snapped me out of my daydream.

"Come on we have lots to talk about! Also I want to get to know Rae!" I said dragging the girls up to my room. We all sat in a circle talking about everything. Rae told us all about her life and how she met Cas in heaven. Everything was going fine till February asked me a question," So, do you like any of the Winchester brothers?"

I know she was just teasing me but, she had me thinking. Do I like any of them? Sam, he's ok but no I don't like him. Dean, he's kind of cute but, he scares me. He can easily kill me in one move." I kind of like one of them but, it's to dangerous. I don't want to get killed!" I said trying not to cry.

Death is the number one thing I'm scared of. You probally thinking oh she's a vampire though. I might seem tuff on the outside but, honestly I'm still on the little girl that I was when I turned." Oh, Gen. It will be ok." Shannon said comforting me. They all know of my fear, well except Rae.

" What will be okay?" Rae asked. Even though I just met her, I know I can trust her." Well even though I'm a vampire. I am terrified of death. I am so scared being here Klaus or the Winchesters can kill me any second." I said finally tearing up.

Dean P.O.V

Me, Cas, and Sammy decided to ease drop on the girls. The thing that I heard surprised me. Gen, is scared of death... "Wow." Was all I could say. "Dean, what do you expect everyone has fears. Hers make since, you saw how she reacted on the way to New Orleans." Sam said.

I never really paid attention to her. She a thing that we hunt nothing more." But, it doesn't make since! She's a vampire, they aren't suppose to be scared of anything." I was confused and frustrated.

"Even vampires have humanity and you heard the Salvatore brothers. She's a hybrid, human and vampire. The only thing that makes her a vampire is the strength and speed." Cas said patting my shoulder.   "Why are you doing this?" I heard the brother with black hair say. "Cause you are suppose to be dead. Supernatural beings don't belong on this Earth." I said pointing my shot gun at him. It is full of wooden bullets. "Dean didn't we kill her?" Sammy asked pointing at the girl knocked out.

"I think so, I don't know." I said not taking my eyes off him. "Sam you kill the girl and I will get the boys." Sammy just nodded and pointed the gun at her. "No! Don't shoot her!" The guy named Damon said. "Why not she's a monster." I declared.
"No she isn't! Ya, she a vampire but, she only 25% vampire. The other 75% is human!" He declared trying to break free. "Dean he's right she has a little bit of a heart beat. All I cut a piece of glass on her skin and she isn't healing." Sam said sadly.

But, when I snapped out of my daydream I heard something that surprised me. "I want to turn off my humanity." That was said but, the one and only Gen Salvatore.

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