The Hunter and The Hunted

Genevieve Hope Salvatore is Damon and Stefan Salvatore's little sister. The last time they saw her was when their dad told her away from think she's a vampire. Little did they know she is one and is with Katherine. What happens when she comes back to Mystic Falls and the Winchester brother are in town. Will she fall in love with the oldest Winchester brother or will she get killed?
Thanks for the amazing cover @Toxic Queen!
@Luke J.R I also love yours so im using it on my Quotev one cause both of these books are on there.


8. Humanity

Gen P.O.V

"I want to turn off my humanity." I said out of the blue. "No! Why?" Shannon protested. "Cause I'm sick and tired of being scared and feeling how I do!" I could feel tears brimming my eyes. "Please don't, if you did then you wouldn't be able to control yourself and would go nuts!" February just came over and hugged me.

"I'm just so scared being in a house full of hunters. I don't want to die." I was crying by now. "I promise you that they wont kill you Gen. I can make sure they wont also." Rae left the room going downstairs.

Rae P.O.V

I went right downstairs after saying that to Gen. "Cas, Dean, Sam, and John come here right now!" I commanded them. They came right away, "What do you want Rae?" Dean asked me eating his pie. "First off its not polite to talk when your eating." I teased the slapped the plate out of his hands.

"WHY DOES EVERYONE MESS WITH MY PIE!" He complained. "Second off you have to promise not to kill or hurt Gen! She's scared that you are!" I whispered yelled. All four of them promised. "I'm going to go talk to her." Dean headed toward the stairs.

" Don't you dare scare her!" I warned him, he doesn't want to mess with me! "I wont, I promise!" He sighed heading up to the room.

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