The Hunter and The Hunted

Genevieve Hope Salvatore is Damon and Stefan Salvatore's little sister. The last time they saw her was when their dad told her away from think she's a vampire. Little did they know she is one and is with Katherine. What happens when she comes back to Mystic Falls and the Winchester brother are in town. Will she fall in love with the oldest Winchester brother or will she get killed?
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2. Back to Mystic Falls

Genevieve P.O.V

I finally pasted the sign of Welcome Back to Mystic Falls. I cant wait to see my brothers after 128 years. Yeah, I saw them before but, I always ran away from them so, they wouldn't see me.  I just pasted the Mystic Grill, I guess the town changed over the years. I finally get to the Salvatore house and I see that the house didn't change.

I walk right into the house, "You know its not safe to not have a vampire barrier right!!" I yelled. I see the boys come downstairs "Who are you and what are you doing in our house!" Damon asked. "Its just not your house you know its inherited to all of us. But, unfortunately its Zach's though." I said smirking. Before I know it Damon pins me to the wall baring his fangs at me.

"Who are you?!" He said fiercely. "I guess I'm not your world anymore Damon. How could you forget about your little sis. I guess Ill just leave then." I said walking out the door only to be blocked by someone. I look up to see Stefan examining me, "How do we know its really you?"

He is kidding me right I just said a lot of thing about the house and he's like "how do we know its really you!" I just start laughing, I was known as a weirdo back then. "Your really asking me how you know its really me, I just said a lot about the house!" I said still laughing. Damon just looks at me, "You still wear the necklace I gave you when you were 16." I look down at it, I forgot I always wear it.

I guess I were it so long that it just became a part of me. He gave it to me as a present on my birthday. "Now do you believe me?" I said quietly, I just feel two arm wrap around me and I know its Damon. He whispers in my ear, "You are my only humanity left." I just hug him tighter until bullets went through the house.


Hey its Caitlin i hope you liked this chapter.


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