The Hunter and The Hunted

Genevieve Hope Salvatore is Damon and Stefan Salvatore's little sister. The last time they saw her was when their dad told her away from think she's a vampire. Little did they know she is one and is with Katherine. What happens when she comes back to Mystic Falls and the Winchester brother are in town. Will she fall in love with the oldest Winchester brother or will she get killed?
Thanks for the amazing cover @Toxic Queen!
@Luke J.R I also love yours so im using it on my Quotev one cause both of these books are on there.


5. Back at Mystic Falls

When I woke up I noticed I was in Mystic Falls again. I saw the Mystic Grill to see my brother and these girls laughing. One looked like Kathrine but, I couldn't help but, to feel hurt. I guess that they didn't miss me, I started to cry a little. I was silent so, the Winchesters didn't hear me.

But, once we got to their house I was excited cause i saw 3 of my best friends. I ran out of my car to go hug them. Once we let go I saw that the Winchesters were ready to kill them! "Don't you dare kill them, they are my best friend!" I said angry.

They put down their weapons and I introduced the Winchesters to my friends "This one is Shannon, she is a demon." I said pointing to the one with Ginger hair and blue eyes. She waved and then I introduced February "This is February Grey, she is the one and only first fairy and vampire hybrid." I said pointed at the girl with dyed pink hair with green highlights, super pale skin, and a birthmark that is on her entire left arm.

"Then last but, not least Louise!" I said pointing at the girl with thick glass, tan skin, brown eyes and light brown. They just nodded and I introduced the Winchesters to them. We ended going to the Mystic Grill to talk but, the Winchesters had to follow us.


Hey hopefully you guys like it!

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