The Hunter and The Hunted

Genevieve Hope Salvatore is Damon and Stefan Salvatore's little sister. The last time they saw her was when their dad told her away from think she's a vampire. Little did they know she is one and is with Katherine. What happens when she comes back to Mystic Falls and the Winchester brother are in town. Will she fall in love with the oldest Winchester brother or will she get killed?
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@Luke J.R I also love yours so im using it on my Quotev one cause both of these books are on there.


1. About Genevieve Hope Salvatore



                                       (Me now^^)

Hi my names Genevieve Hope Salvatore I was born in 1847. So I'm 1 years younger than Stefan. When Kathrine came around in 1864 we got along great, the only thing that I didn't like was how she messed with both of my brothers. Damon said that I was always important to him and I was his world. Well we ended up getting separated cause stupid dad.

1864 in Mystic Falls-

I woke up with a jolt, I remember Kathrine fed me her blood yesterday for some reason and snapped my neck. Wait then I should be dead! Right when I thought that Kathrine herself came through the door. "Well I see your awake now." She said smiling.

"What did you do to me I should be dead now, you just snapped my neck yesterday!" I said freaking out. For a hour she told me about how she's a vampire and how I need to drink blood in the next 24 hours or else I will die. So, now im going to stay 16 GREAT. Before I knew it dad came in dragging me and Kathrine out the room.

"Let me go, let me go!" I said trying to get out of his arms. "I really hate to do this to you honey but, your a vampire and I need to kill you. Your a disgrace to this family!" Dad said. I can't believe he's going to kill me. "DAMON, STEFAN HELP ME! DAD'S GOING TO KILL ME AND KATHRINE!" I said screaming as they throw me into a jail thing.

"You can not kill them dad, especially Genevieve!" Damon said but, they just shot my brothers. "No Damon, Stefan you can't die!" I said crying, Kathrine comforted me saying "They wont die they have my blood in them." I was okay after that but, I knew as soon as Kat got us out of the jail thing that I wasn't going to see my brothers in a long time.  


Im coming back to Mystic Falls from living in Brittan from living there for 10 years, and I can not wait to see my big brother Damon. Little did I know that I might fall in love with the only thing that would kill me. A hunter named Dean Winchester.


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