Oppsites Attracting

True love at first site?More like opposites attract.When good girl Stefani who usually loves everyone except bad boy Zayne.Stefani always tried to have good vibes with Zayne but well there like opposites attracting they don't .


1. Chapter 1

Beep beep beep . That was my annoying alarm clock ringing like it did everyday.As I looked at the time I realized I was late.Holy crap how did I let the time go so fast? I quickly dressed in my outfit of the day which were some really worn out shorts some white converse and a white t shirt from Aeropostale .I rushed in the bathroom I was a mess like always.I thought to myself why me ?When I reached school I noticed old Robert my earth and science teacher was bearly awake.I walked in rushed to a seat in the back .As I turned to my partner which was my moral enemy Zayne .He always seemed to not like me for some reason.Weird but who cares?I surprisingly let out a loud sigh that some how got Robert's attention."Ms.Stefani do you have anything you would like to add?" I looked toward him and shook my head.This was going to be a long class I though to myself .

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