The first Drink of Blood: A Vampire story

come here if you want a adventure this will blow your mind in ways you wont understand join our world and be one with your dreams read if you dare.


2. THE Escape Of Freedom

Walking out the doors she takes a big sniff of the air smelling the sweet night breeze as she then began to walk then run at the balcony. Before she jumped Emily turned around to see a little girl watching her afraid that she would tell the other she escaped Emily swiftly took the little girl from her feet and jumped from the balcony ascending to the night sky her blacks white wings grew out and she started to fly. “LET ME GO, LET ME GO!” Emily looks at the little girl with her red raised eyes and spoke with a silent response,

” be happy I saved you because you wouldn’t have kept control of yourself and no more question till we get to safety.”

The little girl nodded shyly as she watched the forest under them crawling with creatures she haven’t seen before but the wolves. She knew they wouldn’t get them up here but she was still worried about what would happen if they could, but she cleared her mind from that thought and looked up to see a cave with an opening in it. Emily flew straight into the cave landing on the hard floor she whistled her arrival.


          Everything in the cave started to move giants to be more specific frost giants came from hiding then witches and wizards that took the form of rocks which was a good idea of hiding but what made me confused was that the wolves that I saw out in the forest came here too aren’t they our enemies? She thought to herself till Emily gave one of the wolves a handshake and began to talk.

“Long time since we ever saw each other again Fred how is the pack?” 

Fred chuckled and asked if he could speak to her alone, Emily surprised walked him to an area where they were alone.


“You needed to speak to me in private why?”

Fred looked at her with the look of concern then spoke, “I don’t think we will win if we fought the that clan of vampires that locked you I mean like we have a frost giant that’s scared of the night so an attack at night wont and another problem he will melt if we fight in the morning, other issue is the witch and the wizard hate each other so what are we going to do?”

Emily sighed and looks down in frustration and said we will do what we have to do and walked away.


          Emily came back to see chaos unless against the wizard and the witch fire stains were on the wall the wizard had a claw mark now seeing that the witch summoned a dragon it was easy to know that it was her fault but Emily wanted no more of this so, she flew up smacked the witch hard enough that the dragon disappeared from under her.

“You two need to start getting along we have less time of planning our attack then we though so save up your magic or spells till the time comes”.

The wizard nodded and the witch was still in shock holding her cheek feeling dents of finger prints that was left there by Emily. Emily walked away to find rose the child she has took with her but she was nowhere to be found,knowing that it sent a chill to her heart since she really cared for her.

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