The first Drink of Blood: A Vampire story

come here if you want a adventure this will blow your mind in ways you wont understand join our world and be one with your dreams read if you dare.


3. Rose and the Frost Giant

Rose was on top of the frost giant as it made his way through the icy mountains but each foot step in the snow made dents in the earth but that’s the pay of being a giant. Rose on the giants shoulder was singing a song kicking her legs not really cold.

“Are we there yet icy I thought you said just a couple of mountains away but a couple 45 mountains ago now it’s just forever”

The giant grunted and stomped 3 times on the icy floor revealing a cave a warm cave that would make him melt but this was different there was ice crystals that were warming this place up. Rose was amazed to the sight as they were going in they were greeted generously by the other types of giants listing them to be specific are lava giants, more frost giants, sand giants and giants that are pure of darkness.


          “Now you must choose young frost giant which path will you walk, the path of your people or the path of the rest of these giants?”


Rose had a feeling that maybe frost giants when they get older don’t get to stay frost giants anymore they had the freedom to choose what type they wanted to be. ~ I hope this could have been my clan today now they are going to war~ rose thought to herself as she got off the giants back to wait for him to pick.

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