The first Drink of Blood: A Vampire story

come here if you want a adventure this will blow your mind in ways you wont understand join our world and be one with your dreams read if you dare.


1. The First Drink

Her eyes flourished when she first took a sip of human blood the taste was sweet and nectar but it was too much to handle for a child that grew their fangs only a week ago. Her eyes rolled back and she fell on the floor when everyone gathered around her to make sure she was ok.

        Her eyes were bright red and she started to float in the air her skin turning pale and her hair dark black the color of coal, her teeth pure white with her fangs fully grown so the tip shines from the light of the moon, Her name Emily her age 1,115. she is in her teen vampire years but she still has those young features curved hips a normal chest size and cheekbones that would make you think she was a model but sadly she is not. “This is refreshing feels like I have been reborn so this is how it feels to have your first taste of human blood please feed me more now!" everyone was shocked as the guards chained her down and put a strap around her mouth to keep her from biting anything as they started carrying her down to the dungeon.

"mum what's happening to her?"

the little girls mom turned to her and spoke, "she took her first sip of human blood and she couldn't with hold the taste and it consumed her to want more and more now she is locked up to get control of herself if not she will be there forever."



            Weeks, months, years went by with her in that dungeon people fear she will turn out like Dracula but they were wrong she is different from Dracula she began to be more evil then Dracula. By the past 1 week she killed 57 guards that tried to give her a meal of animal blood but today was different she had a plan to go road. Click Clack, went her chains as she walked around her dungeon cell waiting for the feeding guard and the guard that holds the key to escape. It took them hours when they finally came, they went in the cell as the guard held her down and they feeder put her food in the bowl thinking he was safe, but in a blink of an eye Emily was free and she closed the door. She spoke with a wicked voice,” you and I are going to have fun” she punched him to the ground causing him to bleed from his noise as she sat beside him punching his face on the hard concrete squashing his face like it was a tomato. She left them a bloody mess walking over their bodies and going to the exit using the key to open the doors of freedom.

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