Burning Desires

Remilia Scarlet had a great partner, but had to watch her die. She never wanted another one. However, her agency forced one on her over a year and a half after her first partner died. They gave her a guy this time. Will she like him? Will it become more than like? Time can only tell if her broken heart can handle love.


1. Prologue

  The day is one day before Halloween. Time is approximately 11:50 p.m. Temperature is an average 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Why do you need to know all of this? Well, you really don’t, but the others do. Everything is nearly set. Timing must be exact, not a second sooner or later.

We’re already at the destination, and just waiting patiently to set off the bomb that will end the terror that plagued the town. I look to my comrade, then look down at the button in my hand. I look to the house where I can hear the screaming of a tortured soul inside. I cringe as blood stains the window, and a hand breaks the fragile window glass and plops onto the lawn, twitching. We cannot save them, it is too late. He must be distracted till the time comes. I look over at my partner, who currently has her eyes closed without an expression. I glance at the watch. 11:55 on the dot. I sigh, only 4 minutes and now 53 seconds to go. The screaming doesn’t cease at all as someone’s head is busted through the wall and their eyes meet mine for the slightest half second.

“HEL.....” is all that is able to escape their lips as the creature pulls the man’s head back inside and I see through the hole in the wall the man’s body ripped clean in half, blood and organs spilling out of him in a messy pile. I fight the urge to vomit and look at my watch. 11:58. 59 more seconds. I nudge my partner and her eyes meet mine. “It’s almost time,” I mouth, and show her my watch. 40 seconds to go. She nods and jumps what appears to be a safe distance from the blast zone, perfectly silent in the black night. I’m still in the blast zone but I’m not worried. Fire cannot hurt me. 30 seconds. The screaming from the last surviving woman has me on edge. I hope she can entertain him long enough. 20 seconds. I see the woman dash upstairs. 15 seconds. She locks herself up but the door is ripped down. 10 seconds I see her being lifted. 5 seconds and her throat is ripped out and spine tore right out of her body.




I push the button and the month long mission is finally complete. The bomb goes off and what’s left of the victims immediately become nothing but charred lumps. The creature lets out an ear-shattering squeal and I curse myself for forgetting the earplugs as I feel a slight bit of blood trickle out of my ears and the squealing stops, everything goes quiet in my temporary deafness. I don’t hear the glass shatter. I don’t hear the screaming of someone who shouldn’t be screaming. I turn around as the world around me in engulfed in flames.

I look around for my partner. I see her, and my heart drops. Instead of the smiling face I usually see when we complete a mission, I see my life long best friend, the one who knows all of my secrets burning alive. She misjudged the blast radius by a few yards. I rush over as fast as I can, but I’m too late. The intense heat has killed her before I could do anything. I sit there and hold her burning head as I cry, watching my world burn around me.



This is my first story published on here. Let me know what you think! <3 Thanks so much!



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