MY love

It all started when she was adopted by Simon Cowell and when she met the guys she loves and dreams of having in her life forever all becomes true because of that very special day!BTW: do not hate, this is my first time writing so don't judge if it's bad thanks!!!! ---Musiclvr123---


1. When it all started......

Meghan's POV:

Hi i'm Meghan,I live in an adoption care home.If you are asking why its because my parents died in a crash about two years ago.A drunk driver hit them but didn't get charged for any crimes.Isn't that crazy?Ok so back to this.......


I was lying asleep in my bed on a chilly December night,dreaming about Niall Horan but then I had a part of the dream that he kissed me and that's when I go stunned and awoke.My sister Alexis,was saying my name over and over again  saying that it's almost adoption time.I sighed and got out of bed, brushed my teeth,tamed the wild mess I call hair,got dressed in a pair of sweatpants and white and black One Direction tee with my black vans and went downstairs.I saw a lot of my care center facilty members telling them something.I guess they were surprised to see me up so early.They know me so well.People started to come in for the adoption around twelvish and when I saw Simon Cowell my heart skipped a beat.I played it cool by going on my iPhone and he sat next to me.He must of caught me looking at my One Direction fan app because he asked me if I was a fan.I said yes and so he got up.I thought to myself,"Did I scare him away?"Tje I saw him grab some papers with my name on it.Oh my god could ths really be happening?I texted Alexis that and she rushed over to me she said she was getting adopted by some lady that seemed really nice.I was happy yet upset because I wouldn't see Alexis again.


Hey everyone how is it so far? Leave a comment below. Thanks everyone who has at least read this so far. ---Musiclvr123--- A.K.A. da-derp-turtle-1

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