MY love

It all started when she was adopted by Simon Cowell and when she met the guys she loves and dreams of having in her life forever all becomes true because of that very special day!BTW: do not hate, this is my first time writing so don't judge if it's bad thanks!!!! ---Musiclvr123---


4. What just happened?


Meghans POV

Niall pecked me on the cheek and i freaked.What did i just do?I am such a total bitch.Niall texted me asking to comeback.I ran home and explained to him that i have never been loved since my parents left.He told me he was here for me.I think i am in love i turned to him and kissed him.He was shocke and pressed me down on the bed.Was thisreally happening?


Nialls POV

I presed her down on the bed and she took off my shirt.I knew she was hjrt so i figured why not give her a little love?I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down.I pulled her underwear off and rubbed her.She moaned and said more.Istuck my finger in and thrusted.She moaned and took my pants off and underwear and said heres my treat.She massaged my dick and I moaned then she started slow and started sucking.I loved herso much.Next thing you know she is on top of me.I take her shirt off and her bra.She was so sexy.I let her ride me and she seemed to love it. I flipped her ober and trusted slow then faster and faster.I promised myself no sex until after marrige but i coudnt help it.Before i reached my high i slid out. I didnt want to get her pregnant

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