MY love

It all started when she was adopted by Simon Cowell and when she met the guys she loves and dreams of having in her life forever all becomes true because of that very special day!BTW: do not hate, this is my first time writing so don't judge if it's bad thanks!!!! ---Musiclvr123---


2. Upsetting yet exciting

Simon's POV:


I just couldn't belive it.I was going to have a daughter.I wish she would have a mom.I went on eharmony and signed up when I was done I told her to come with me.She seemed upset.I wanted to ask her what was wrong but she was on her phone still.We chatted a little on the way to my house.


M:"So why did you adopt me?"

S:"Because I saw your app when I glanced over,do you know who I am?"

M:"Yes your Simon Cowwell plus you never answered my question fully why did you adopt me?"

S:"Because if you like the boys why should you live a life knowing you have seen One Direction,But,my question to you is why did you look so bummed when you got into my car did you not want to get adopted?"

I got no response after that from Meghan after that.I knew that after mysuprise would be magical for her.


ok so what you guys think? bad,I know like I said my first time writing but Merry Christmas and happy Birthday Louis!!!!!!! BYEEEEE



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