MY love

It all started when she was adopted by Simon Cowell and when she met the guys she loves and dreams of having in her life forever all becomes true because of that very special day!BTW: do not hate, this is my first time writing so don't judge if it's bad thanks!!!! ---Musiclvr123---


6. Big day

Meghans POV

Niall came to my window and i saw the first thing he did was get on one knee and ask me to marry him.I said yes and he made out then he laid me down and he took all my clothes off and i did the same to him.We went wild fucking that we landed on the ground.Best sex ever.Simon walked in on sex again and said he was ok with Niall just used protection which we did.Thats when Niall said he loved me so much while we were having sex.


Harrys POV

Meaghans sex was amazing and Louis dick looked fine.I went over to his place and pushed him against the bed we made out and thats when we both undressed.I grabbed the computer and made an account on and pulled up a video of two girls making out. It was preety hot.We both masturbated to it then sucked each other.I fucking loved Louis.We agreed to never speak of this and would have sex everyday with Meaghan.He agreed and went over to her house.

Hey guys so i hope you like it so far posted 4 chapters today its a mix of larry and a regular weird sex addicted niall horan relashionship.sorry for alot of cliffhangers.Enjoy!!!!!!

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