MY love

It all started when she was adopted by Simon Cowell and when she met the guys she loves and dreams of having in her life forever all becomes true because of that very special day!BTW: do not hate, this is my first time writing so don't judge if it's bad thanks!!!! ---Musiclvr123---


7. All the same dreams.....

Meaghan,Louis and Harry POV

I cannot just belive I had that dream about that!!They all woke up and ran into the hallway.Louis said that did you have a dream you had sex with me and Harry?Harry shook his yeah along with me.Then Nialll came out wondering what breakfast was.Simon was downstairs in his office so I texted him and said,

M:Hey dad going to IHOP with Niall,Harry,and Louis is that ok.

S:Sure go ahead theres money in the jar on the fridge for you see you later.

M:Ok thanks dad by the way,hitching a ride with niall and them so the Ferrari is in the garage.

Meaghans POV:

I told everyone what we were having.Niall and me walked in our room.I said I was going in the shower and he said he needed one too.He said why not take it together?Good try Niall and I guess but no funny business ok?He said yes and got in.I got in and turned the water on and he followed a second later.When we got in he spinned me around and kissed me and before you knew it we made out.I sat in the tub and laid while he got on top and thrusted and it felt good in water.

Nialls POV:

Me and Meaghan had sex in the shower and I got out of her before I spermed so I wouldn't get her pregnant.I loved Meaghan so much it was unreal.We got out and got dressed when we heard a knock on the door.It was Louis and he said that Simon went on a trip for a year.Maybe that's why he was avoiding her.Then right after I got a text from him saying he went on that trip to Peru and to tell Meaghan that I left over 120,000.00 dollars for her when I told her she whispered in my ear that we have the whole house to ourselves with no interuptions.I was excited for that!We got to IHOP and ate.She paid and the other boys went off so we had nothing to do.

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