A girl with no memerory of her past wakes up in a strange world and finds her self in the hands of a hacker, a myth, a glitch, i figment of imagination, the one and only, HEROBRINE. She learns unspeakable things, will she say her pure self, or be turned into the next glitch.


2. 5 years later...

  Its been five years sinces i learned herobrine was my father. Im still shocked, i hate killing people, but he aproves of it. How?!?!? I for one had enough, he mad me greife people. So now im running. And i'm noy turning back.


one year later...

I have been running, i have met so many great people! I've met the Yogscast, Skydoesminecraft, Creepsmcpasta, and many others! i am at the moment with a rebel group that is fighting against my father. their names are Drake, he is have enderman with some of my father in him froom trying to give his friend Armen chances to take over again after my father took him over, Grayson, a human collecter magical items he is also very... how do i put this, Knowledgeable. And lastly and my favorite, Bunnsy, she is an elf and she was once a slave for this empire tha i'm hearing notheing but bad about, she is also an Arceoliogst. I have told them what and who I was, they were unsure about it, but i convinsted them for now I just hope i can use enough of my power to over take...

  Heroaremn, herobrine mashed with aremn but also known as papa to me,he started to shoot fire balls at us!! I did what I didnt know i could do... i went up and I started throwing balls of plr ender magic, I dont know where its from but I can to this. i threw them at my dad and he left, didnt see him again. I started to get a headache and i stoped flying and i fell to the ground from about 20ft. when I woke up we weren't outside we were at what i'm gguessing to be drakes house I sense powerful magic. when i spoke i said, "W-W-What was that move...?" and everyone looked at me in shock.

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