Life,Death - The story of the living and the dead

Dominique - Alive Felicity - Dead. Yet the only thought on Dominique's mind is death, on Felicity's - life.


1. Dominique

Death, the one word that rings through my head daily. Death is something inevitable. There's no way of stopping it. If you think of it we are all dying aren't we? I mean each day we live, is a day closer to death. Every new year you are a year closer to death, each birthday you get closer to death. Death is something inevitable. I've never known why death is a main part of my every day thoughts, I've never understood it either. I mean, I'm not that kind of person. I do well in school, I'm popularish, I'm a bit of a 'Goth' or 'Emo' as people seem to call it now. People who like labels. I hate those kinds of people, They annoy me to death you know. 

And back comes the subject of death. I have a single idea as to why it's such a.....prominent thing in my mind. The only reason would be the fact that my great Grandmother died a few weeks back - but I didn't even know the woman, let alone go to her funeral (which was yesterday matter of factly) so I still have no idea.

Death is just a subject in my mind. The mind of Dominique

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