I Spy A Little Lie

Plain old Jessie Miller has had enough of being walked over by her popular boyfriend Owen. She’s had enough of ignoring his lies, and now it’s time for her to show him that she’s more than his girlfriend. It’s time for her to show him that she’s her own person, not someone that’s there for his personal entertainment. There’s more to Jessie Miller than being the popular guy’s girlfriend.


4. 4


I shake my head at him, immediately backing away from him and gaining back my personal space. "I don't want to talk." Turning around, I head back towards my house eager to get away from Owen. This was the exact thing I wanted to avoid - a confrontation.

"No, Jessie," he grabs hold of my hand and spins me around. "Wait. Come on, you just break up with me, and expect me to not want to talk to you?"

I nod, pulling my hand from his tight grip. Looking down, I notice that my wrist is red. "Yes, actually, I did. I was hoping you'd hate me enough to never want to talk to me again," frowning, I rub my wrist.

Looking up at Owen, I notice he's staring intently at me. Both brows are pulled into a scowl, and his arms are crossed against his chest. It seems that he's stuck in the angry and in denial part of a break up, not the sadness part. Great. I don't know which Owen I'd rather be dealing with (actually, I'd rather not be dealing with any Owen).

Letting go of my wrist, I stand up straight and mimic his pose. Firmly crossing my arms, I arch my brow at him. "So? You cheated on me, quite a lot, and everyone knew about it but me. I found out, and broke up with you. Does that make things clearer for you?"

"Babe, come on. You can't give me a second chance? You're going to listen to some stupid rumours and end our relationship over it?" he comes closer, and grabs my hand gently this time. "I thought you love me."

I roll my eyes. "Are you honestly going to go ahead and tell me that you didn't cheat? Really? And don't bring 'love' into this. If you loved me, you wouldn't have done what you did."

Owen cocks his eyebrow. "And if you loved me then you'd let me explain and give me a second chance. Not just back out because of one stupid little thing," Owen snaps, stepping forward. His arms fall to his sides, and I see his fists clench slightly. This time, I don't back away, but stand up to him.

"This is over, Owen. Got it? I don't want to be with you anymore. Now leave me alone." I poke him hard in the chest, and spin around to walk away.

I hear him scoff behind me. "Right, do what you've always done. Run away from this. It's what drove me to cheat in the first place, Jessie, you always being so disconnected from me. Always pushing me away and not loving me as you should." Taking one of his clench fists, he roughly runs his hand through his dark hair. "What did you expect me to do, huh?"

My hair whips me harshly in the face as I turn around. I feel my blood pumping harder through my veins, it all rushing to my face and heating up my cheeks and the back of my neck. "So because I wouldn't comply with every one of your wishes and be your little bitch, you decided to go and cheat on me?" I yell. "You're a joke, Owen. Leave me alone. Got it? Go find some other slut and a broom closet, because I'm just so done with you and your bullshit."

Letting out a large breath, I stare at Owen with a look that could kill. I see him have an inner debate with himself, before he finally turns around and leaves. If he says one more thing to me in the next moment or two, I will probably commit an act of extreme violence.

Slowly, I unclench my hands from their tights fists, and look around. Like expected, Miss Izzy is staring at me from her front garden shaking her head. She's eighty, and extremely old fashioned. I often hear her moan to me about how I'm so 'unlady like' and need to be taught manners and all other types of etiquette. My response lacked both of the things she said I needed to work on - manners and 'unlady' likeness.

Adjusting my bag on my shoulder, I close my eyes and let my anger flow out of me. Think happy thoughts, Jessie, happy thoughts. Don't go over and bury old Miss Izzy in her freshly decorated flower bed. That would be very rude.

After a few short moments, I feel my cheeks cool down and begin to head back towards my house. Just as I reach the gate, my fingers just touching the cool lock, another voice shouts my name from behind me. "Jessie, wait!" for a moment, I think its Owen. Is he really that stupid to come back for round two? I hope Miss Izzy's flower bed has room for two. "Jesus, are you deaf?" No, that's definitely not Owen. The voice is too smooth, and that is not how Owen addresses me.

I spin around, and almost punch myself in the face when I realise that it's Brendan. "What do you want?" I groan. "I've had a really crappy past ten minutes, and I just want to go in and-"

The blond haired boy comes to a stop in front of me. "Cry and wallow into your pillow about how life sucks? I wouldn't," he rolls his eyes; "Owen isn't worth it."

I stand up straighter, thrusting my chin into the air. "How do you know that crappy ten minutes I just had were because of Owen?"

Brendan smiles, his eyes forming slight crow's feet at the corners. "Jessie, I was down the street and I could hear you. I've never seen you that angry either - it's hot, by the way."

Reaching out, I smack him on the arm. "Brendan!" I exclaim. He just laughs, and smiles at me. I roll my eyes at him, and go back to my previous position: slumped against the gate. "Can you just tell me why you're here?"

The smile falls off of Brendan's face, and my heart picks up speed. Did something bad happen? Is he okay? "Yeah," he nods, his hair falling in front of his eyes. I let out a small breath of relief, as he gives me a small smile. Reassured, I relax and wait for him to present me with whatever he was getting from his back pocket.

"You left this in class," he says, and hands me over my blue notebook with the golden swirls. "I thought I'd be a nice person and bring it back to you."

"Thanks." Reaching out, I take the hard-covered notebook into my hands, and hug it to my chest. I feel the redness creep into my cheeks as I imagine Brendan, on his way over to my house, reading what was on the blue lined pages. It was mainly filled with scribbles and book quotes. What did he think of them? Biting my lip, I keep my eyes trained onto the ground. He must have been able to read a lot of it, considering he lives in the opposite direction of my house.

"Hey, did you walk all this way just to give this to me?" looking up at him, I raise an eyebrow in curiosity.

Brendan lets out a small chuckle. "Jessie, I live literally three minutes away."

I shake my head. "No, you don't. You live the opposite direction. Near the fish and chip shop." I tell him, pushing my hair out of my face. Holding my notebook now with only one hand, I shove the other one into my coat pocket.

"Nope," he opens his arm, and gestures down the street. "I live down there, right around the corner. I moved in a few weeks ago. It's okay that you didn't know, you were too caught up in Owen to notice me."


He shakes his head, and puts both of his hands into his back pockets. "It's whatever. Don't worry about it." He looks down the street, in the direction he was gesturing too, and bites his lip. "I got to go. Mum is making dinner early tonight. See you in cooking tomorrow, okay? Don't forget the flour." He turns back to me, and sends me a grin.

I place my book on the wall. "Brendan, come on, don't just leave. I wasn't too caught up in him too notice you." It seems like Owen and I have switched roles, as I am the one now grabbing hold of people's wrists to try and get them to stay.

Brendan turns around, and smiles at me. "Not today, Jessie." He sighs. Then, in a more teasing tone, he says, "is this the moment where we suddenly realise our hidden feelings for one another and make-out?" he winks, wiggling his eyebrows.

Before I can help myself, I roll my eyes and say, "Get out of here, Bren-Bren."

"Laters, Jess."

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