I Spy A Little Lie

Plain old Jessie Miller has had enough of being walked over by her popular boyfriend Owen. She’s had enough of ignoring his lies, and now it’s time for her to show him that she’s more than his girlfriend. It’s time for her to show him that she’s her own person, not someone that’s there for his personal entertainment. There’s more to Jessie Miller than being the popular guy’s girlfriend.


3. 3

"All I've been hearing today is about you breaking up with Owen," Simon whispers to me, as we join the end of the surprisingly short lunch line. "And apparently how Owen is acting like a heartbroken puppy in front of the girls, and then saying how he's so over it front of the guys. If you ask me, it's just because his ego has been deflated. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees how epic you are." Simon laughs to himself, a smile pulling up at the side of his face. He picks us up both our normal sandwiches - cheese and cucumber - and pays for them.

I thank him and take my sandwich. "Well people have been looking at me funny all day. It's like they've never known someone to have a break up before. To be honest, I wish they'd leave me alone and just get on with their lives."

Walking towards our normal lunch table, I keep my head down. "Well, everybody loves Owen," I tell Simon, my eyes focusing on my sandwich, "even the people who don't pretend they do, just because he's Owen. Popular, pretty and athletic."

Simon sits down first, and I plop down next to him afterwards. "I was wondering where you were going to go with that sentence next. You had to P's - popular and pretty - I was wondering what the third one was going to be. I thought you were going to say penis."

My hands pause on my sandwich wrapper, as I look up and shake my head at Simon. "You're too much sometimes, Sime, too much." My black haired best friends smiles at me, and quickly delves into his sandwich (it takes me at least a minute to take it off, and it takes him around twenty seconds).

"So how did you do it?" Simon asks, as he swallows his first bite of his sandwich.

Finally, I free my sandwich from the containment of its pocketed box, and squeeze the bread together. "I walked up to him, and used the classic 'we need to talk' line. So we went off into the corner of the field, and I told him that I couldn't be with him anymore. Just the average stuff," I pick up my sandwich and take a large bite. My eyes nearly roll into the back of my head with the pleasure. There was nothing better than eating a very nice sandwich after nearly an hour and a half of your stomach shouting at you from the inside.

"I don't know whether if it's because I'm in drama club and little dramatics seem normal to me, but his reaction totally didn't seem right," Simon says, putting his sandwich into the box. "You'd think with his possessiveness he'd try and beg for you back or at least start shouting at you. Well, that's at least what I had my money on."

I nod and swallow my bite. "I know," I shrug, "me too. I haven't seen him since though. Maybe he's gone home? I don't know." I pause, and before I take another bite of my sandwich I say: "and I really don't care." Avoiding Simon's eyes, I delve back into my sandwich. Despite being hungry, I realise that I'm in fact also comforting eating. On the way home from school today I will definitely be stopping at the shop to buy lots of chocolates and caffeine.

Simon bends down, so his voice can't be overheard. "I heard he went home too," he whispers, "he's really mad apparently, nearly punched James in the face and had a go at Tasha before first lesson."

"Tasha?" my mouth goes dry. "In Maths she came and apologised to me. I wasn't really paying much attention to her - I just wanted her to get the point and leave, but come to think of it, she did look upset. That must have been after Owen shouted at her!"

Simon nods, his hair falling into his face. Taking the last bite of his sandwich, he tells me in between chews, "Yeah. Apparently he went around telling everyone they were the reason for your break up. That the thing with Tasha was a mistake, and he can't believe everyone went and told you. Also Ali told me that he said he was going to 'make it right' and nobody's seen him since."

"Hey, maybe he went and jumped off of a bridge," I quip, trying to make a joke. Simon sends me a deadpan look, and my giggles immediately stop.

Simon straightens up. "Or he's trying to win you back, Jess." He reaches over and places his hand on top of mine. "I know you care for him, even if right now you're pretending not to, but remember this is all for a reason. Don't back out just because he says sorry and gives you that smile."

I nod. "Don't fall for the jerk, I get it."

My feet scrape along the pavement, and my head tilts up towards the sky. The weather took a turn. It was cold earlier, hence the massive cardigan and socks I was wearing, and now it had turned sunny and very warm. I can't wait to get home and get into a nice cool shower. To wash away the sweat and all of today's problems.

Turning on to my street, I pick up my pace. My gate is insight. Sure, I liked the sun and the heat and getting a tan wouldn't be so bad. But it was very hard to do when you're covered from head to toe, and it's hard to enjoy when you're uncomfortable.


I turn around. "Owen?" I stop, and put my hand on my brow to shield my eyes from the sun. Yes, it was him alright. In the flesh. "What are you doing here?"

He walks closer to me, his legs forming long strides, his face determined. "We need to talk."

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