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"Beautiful, flawless, magnificent!" yelled my manager as she played with my long and flowing bouncy curls that were placed over my shoulders. "Are you ready? The limo is going to be here any minute and I just want to make sure that everything is perfect? Wait, of course it's perfect! You're Christina Bridges, everything is always perfect." my manager, Kim, kept rambling on and on as I walked out the door of my apartment to the waiting limo.

The limo driver slid out of his seat and held the door open for me as I shared a grin at him and got in the car. There was a good and a bad to going to award shows. My manager freaking out and going insane over me was definitely a bad, but seeing the rest of music artists in one place for a night was always a good. I have been in the spotlight for the music business for awhile now. I loved seeing random people I've never met knowing my name and knowing my songs. It brought my self-confidence up to all-time high. But, I despised crazy managers and some of the untrustworthy people you meet in Hollywood. I've dated about three guys in the past two years and I never fully trusted any of them. It's a totally different world of sparkles, lights, gold, and rumors. You definitely have to wear a seatbelt in Hollywood, it's a must or you'll just crash and burn.

As the driver pulled up to the red carpet, the millions of fans were screaming as every star walked by. "Christina." my manager said while she grabbed my arm gently. "Remember, don't answer any questions you don't want to. And, at 8:30, go back stage to get ready for your performance, okay?" she said as I nodded in reply and got out of the limo to fans yelling. After two seconds, fans realized that it was me and they all began to shriek and scream. "Hi, lovelies!" I said as I waved and walked over to the carpet.

"Christina! Christina! Are you and Nick still talking? Are you guys still together. Tell us everything!" 

I heard a photographer yell at me as I walked over to the red carpet and began posing with nothing but smiles. I ignored every question about my love life or anything else involving personal information. 

After ten minutes of flashing lights and interviews, I finally headed inside and said hi to all the familiar faces. It was the VMA's hosted by MTV. It was definitely one of the biggest award shows for the music business. It was definitely a big deal.

I found my seat beside a music producer and my queen, Beyoncé. I never got to sit beside someone so prominent, so I could feel myself getting nervous already. When she sat down, I almost squealed.

"Hi!" she said as she turned to me and my cheeks just blushed like crazy. I was known in the business, but Beyoncé was really known. Everyone worshipped her basically. It was a giant compliment to me that I was placed to sit next to her. "Hi!" I replied with a laugh. We talked for a solid five minutes about the awards and how I'm performing and she wished me luck which definitely made me even more excited.

The show began and I looked down at my phone and saw seven texts from my manager telling me to go backstage now to get ready. I snuck out of my row and made my way to the backstage. As I got back there, music began and I realized it was the one and only One Direction performing before me. 

"Christina!" my manager exclaimed as she pulled me to the side and handed me my costume for my performance. It was a short sparkly dress that I felt like you'd see on Dancing with the Stars. I looked at myself in the mirror and grinned. I'm exactly where I want to be.

I heard a  knock on the door of the dressing room and I popped out the door and was ready to go. The backstage helpers were putting the microphones on me as Kim handed me my mic that had the initials "CB" engraved into it. I heard the crowd cheering as the music ended. One Direction filed off the stage and I stood back as they began joking around and laughing as soon as they got backstage. Every girl in Hollywood had a crush on One Direction. Scratch that--every girl in the world had a crush on One Direction. They were all just so smooth and they could sing. Every girl digged a guy who could sing. 

I never met any of them personally, we've just seen each other before. I haven't even held a conversation with any of them, they were just always at the same award shows as me and that's it. I think they presented me an award once, but I can't really remember.

The host of the awards show, Michael Bublé, came backstage and smiled at me. "You ready?" he said as I nodded. A bunch of backstage helpers lead me onto the stage as my band was already setting up. I stood up on the podium where I was singing from as I fixed my earplug and turned my mic up. "I'm ready." I replied to Kim as she nodded and walked backstage.

I saw the tv cameras flash back on as the presenters began introducing me as I fixed my dress and my hair over my shoulders. I was actually extremely nervous. I usually was before any sort of performance because I didn't want to be the laughing stock and do something totally wrong.

The crowd began to cheer as they said my name and the music began to play. I took a deep breath and began belting out the notes and doing all the dance moves that I was taught to do as my dancers began doing all this craziness right in front of me. Sometimes they got me distracted, but I just kept singing. My voice sounded pretty amazing.

After the performance, I enjoyed the rest of the show winning one award for best summer pop song. It was a pretty good night.

After I say goodbye to everyone, I was off in my limo to the after party.

When I arrived, there was already a crowd of people surrounding the house that the party was at and people laughing and talking. I got out and walked inside smiling at the familiar faces and saying hi to people. I got myself some water and began having a conversation with a music producer who was there. I couldn't help but notice someone staring at me from the corner of my eye. Halfway through a conversation, I just turned my head and surely enough the bad boy, heartbreaker, bad ass, ladies man, whatever you want to call him--Harry Styles was having a conversation a couple feet away but was staring. He turned his attention back to the person as I looked at him. I turned away and noticed the music producer had walked away.

I just stood by the counter for awhile and poured myself some water. I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a raspy tone behind me speak, "Are you a designated driver tonight?" I turned and it was Harry. "Oh, no. I just don't drink often. Not exactly 21 yet." I shrugged. "That law doesn't really effect people in Hollywood because they break it all the time." he said. "True. I'm just not feeling it." I replied. He nodded and looked down at his drink and then back up at me. "I meant to tell you that I really liked your performance. You have really pretty vocals." He said with a nod of his head. I couldn't help but laugh a little. "Well thank you. You've got nice vocals. Your whole group does actually." I returned the compliment back. "I'd hope we do since we were on X-Factor." he said with a smile. I was about to reply but then a figure came up behind Harry and hugged him.

It was a tall blonde girl, looking like a model in stature. Everyone knew that the One Direction guys had a thing for models. I just looked down at the ground and at my shoes. I looked at the girl whisper something in his ear. Harry shook his head with red tinted cheeks as she walked away.

"Sorry about that. She's a wild one." He said chuckling to himself as the redness died down a little.

"It's alright." I replied awkwardly not knowing if I should walk away or stay.

He looked at me again and then dug his hands deep in his pants pockets. I sort of just stood there not really knowing what to do.

"Harry, time to go!" said the blonde as she popped up from behind him again. He grinned at me. "Nice chat, see you soon." he said with a wink and then he turned his attention to the blonde as she lead him out the door. 


After an uneventful night, I was happy to be lying in my bed and snuggled up with my puppy. It felt like home.



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