all about me

This story is about the amazing adventures I go on. ( I hope you enjoy it! )


4. The Truth

  Once everyone was awake, we put our plan into action. I kicked a hole through the throne room ceiling, and we poured out. We looked around, but, all we could see was a chihuahua-sized, purple turtle and a zombie Chihuahua costume. Then it all snapped into place! All of the penguins fainted, so, it was just me and the other two of me. "Who are you?", We all said in unison. "I am the zombie Chihuahua, of course."said the turtle. Then I asked, "Why are you doing this?". "I was testing you, to see if you had the strength to go home. You see, I knew that my magic squirrel went up and would bite someone, which would bring them down here. It would take a while,so, I built this empire of cats, and waited."said the turtle. 

  I had mixed feelings about it,so, the turtle and I worked out a plan: the turtle would make magical goofy-glasses that, every time I put them on, I could see and talk to the penguins, the other me(s), and the turtle.

   That's my outrageously awesome and unbelievable story!






                                  - P.S. I hope you enjoyed this!

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