all about me

This story is about the amazing adventures I go on. ( I hope you enjoy it! )


1. Me

This is a story of me.You've probably read stories that are written like this.Let's get one thing straight,    I don't care. You must be wondering something like "when will the story start?" We'll get to that eventually.

     One Monday morning,I saw a squirrel. It was not an average squirrel I'm afraid to say,it was magical. It ran right up to me and bit me! I didn't even feel it,but I saw it. This is where my story begins. I didn't have school that day,so I went inside and started watching tv,when it happened. I felt myself sinking in my chair,and down I went.I don't know how far down I went,but I went far enough to see other versions of me. This is what I saw. I saw three different versions of me. I can't really say what they looked like,so use your imagination. We all got along very well with each other,you could say that we were all best friends.

       I stayed with them in their hole. By hole,I mean that it was literally a huge hole that they lived in. Everything in this hole was made entirely out of dirt,but it was beautifully crafted. The beds, for instance were the biggest, fanciest beds I'd ever seen. They even had a working dirt-fridge! Outside, there was a huge city ( the one on the cover of this book) that I must confess,was only populated with cats.

       The leader of the cats was not, in fact, a cat. It was a zombie chihuahua. It, of course, was evil. It hated me and the other versions of me.

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