all about me

This story is about the amazing adventures I go on. ( I hope you enjoy it! )


3. In the Building

      We went straight to work, all of us climbed up into the ceiling. The ceiling was unexpectedly hollow,so,we could just walk right through. Navigating,though, was very hard because everything looked exactly the same. For some reason, there were maps ( you know, the ones with a YOU ARE HERE! arrow on it). It took a full 3 hours before one of the penguins decided that he needed to go to the bathroom, so, we just had him go in a plant next to one of the maps. Of course, no-one will ever speak of that! We took a nap once we were right above the throne room. The zombie chihuahua was,well, I don't really know what he was doing because everyone was snoring too loudly. It was almost time for the big surprise!

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