all about me

This story is about the amazing adventures I go on. ( I hope you enjoy it! )


2. Colorful Allys

       The other versions of me live just outside of the city, so they were not in the power of the zombie chihuahua. We had an ally, he was a Rainbow penguin. He had an entire armada of awesome and amazing rainbow penguins.

      The leader of the penguins came over quite frequently.

       For some reason, he was obsessed with pizza, tacos, chicken nuggets, and other junk foods.

We needed a plan to overthrow the zombie chihuahua. There were many, MANY, crazy ideas that never would have worked at all. Until we came up with THE CRAZIEST PLAN EVER!  This was our plan : We needed ammo, but not normal ammo, we needed special ammo. We needed 2 pineapples, a can of peanuts, 3 radioactive squirrel launchers, 20 squirt bottles, a lemon juicer, a huge bottle of rootbeer, a store mannequin, a shower curtain, a train set, and a crate of lemons. First, we juiced the lemons and filled the squirt bottles with the juice. Next, we fed the penguin armada the pineapples, peanuts, and the rootbeer. Then, we attached the mannequin to the train set, and covered it with the shower curtain.

       It was time we put our plan into action. We went into the city, spraying the lemon juice all over the cats. When we reached the domain of the zombie chihuahua, we had to distract the guards. We set up the train a fair distance away, and off it went with the mannequin attached to it. Just like we expected, the guards ran after it and we were in.

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