Harry Potter Remixes

I'll be writing some remixed Harry potter scenes by me and my sister.you can also ask us to remix a Harry potter scene we haven't remixed yet


1. Harry's number

This is a short scene of Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.
When Hermione was petrified by that snake, and harry and Ron came in.
"Hermione, we've got loads to tell you" Harry began.
"Why bother, am petrafide." She sobbed.
"Hermione, is someone painting you?" Ron asked.
"I said am petrified, Ron!" 
"I was just saying.Because if someone was painting you, that would be an offal pose, Laying on the bed, something in ya'hand....Somethings in ya'hand! Harry check it."
Harry opened her hand and took a piece of paper out of it.
"My number?" Harry read.
"H-h-ha...Harry's number?Why do you have harry's number?"
"Its non of your business, Ron.Check the other hand Harry."
Harry checked the other hand and saw another paper and started reading it in his mind.
"I see, I SEE! Midnight phone calls, too busy on school days."
" Am busy doing class, Ron! "
"With who? Harry?!"
"Yes, and you with everyone else!"
"I see the way you look at him."
Mean while, Hermione was staring at Harry in a special way.
"See?!Your doing it right now!"
Harry was done reading it in silence.
"Hermione, this a riddle, can you help me unerst-"
"Sorry Harry, i just remembered, petrified people cant talk."


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