One Night (Jason McCann)

Meet Skylar Deep. 23. Swimsuit Model. Mexican. Single.
Meet Jason McCann. 21. Illegal street fighter and drug dealer. Canadian. Dating Haley Bates.

What happens at the club one friday night?


7. 7; Street fight pt 2

Jason P.O.V:

I hopped in the ring and eyed Kelly up and down. He fucking dissed my girl. I don't like his ugly ass already. Kelly and I met in the middle of the ring with the ref and the ref said the rules, "You both know the rule... Don't kill the other boxer no matter what." We both nodded and I mummbled, "I'll try." We backed away and the bell dinged. "COME ON KELLY!" Someone from Kelly's yelled. Kelly jabbed me in the face and I groaned. "JASON!" I heard Skylar screech. I turned to see her with tears in her eyes. I turned back and kicked him in the balls. He groaned and fell to the floor. He grabbed my leg and pulled me on the floor to. I hit my face on the hard, cold floor and Skylar gasped again. I tried to pull myself up but Kelly kicked me in the gut. "COME ON JASON!" Alex yelled. I growled and hopped back up on my feet and threw mutiple uppercut-jabbs to him, hitting him in the upper chest and face. He grabbed one of my hands, and twisted it around my back. I heard some cracking noises and Skylar screamed, "BABY!" I kicked in the shin from the front and he let go. I pushed him on the floor and I spat in his face, "Your scaring my baby. She thinks I'm hurt. Fuck you." I punched him in the face over and over again. His lip and nose started to bleed. "I-I-" "You what fucktard Kelly?" I screamed, kicking his ribs, hearing cracking. "I give up. You win." He groaned, putting his gloves up in surrender. 


I back away and yelled, "He surrenders!" Everyone on my side cheered and Skylar hopped in the ring and jumped on my body. "You scared the shit outta me baby." She whispered, kissing my ear and whispering sweet sayings in my ear. "Baby, I'm fine..." I whispered, throwing my gloves off and grabbing her ass. I pulled away from her ear and looked in her eyes, "Princess I'm fine. I know this scared you but this is how I make a living. You understand?" She nodded and I wiped the tears from her cheek. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see Kelly, with a black eye, and a bloody lip. "Listen here McCann, this is not over. I will beat your ass, and kill you. Your bitch has a reason to be scared." He growled then stormed away with his crew. Skylar grasped onto my body tighter and whispered, "I wanna make sweet sweet love when we get home..." I chuckled and said, "Of course. I'm not going anywhere though. Wanna come with me to get my money?" She smiled and nodded. I lightly pecked her lips and I walked outta the ring, and next to Alex. 


"Hey, nice job bro. Heres the dough." I set Sky down carefully, and grabbed the huge stack of cash. "Thanks. I'll see you tommorrow at the park. Make sure you have the stuff..." I said, grabbing Skylars hip, then kissing her cheek. "Does she know about-" I cut Alex off and rolled my eyes, "Yes, she does." He nodded and walked away. Skylar broke from my grasp as I started to count the money and she came back with my bag and boxing gloves. I looked in her eyes and she blushed looking down. I pulled her chin back up and said, "How can you get any more perfect?" She shrugged and I chuckled, "Lets go get more stuff from my house. All I have left is my clothes. I got my bathroom shit." She nodded and we walked outta the club and into my car. 


At Hailey's house:

Skylar P.O.V:

We pulled in and We both got out and Jason sighed, "YES! She's gone. Lets go babe." I nodded smiling and he opened the door. We walked in to find the house trashed! And all of Jason's clothes at the bottom of the stairs along with a suit case. "She made my job a hell of a lot easier." He chuckled grabbing his boxers and stuffing them in the suitcase. I walked over and helped him. I picked up a pair of boxers and checked the size; XL. I mean it would make since ;). "So Mr. Extralargedick I see..." I said, giggling. "Jason turned around and saw me with his boxers. He blushed madly and said, "What you so surprised about? You saw it." I laughed and helped him finish packing. 


Soon we were at home, and I opened the door and yelled, "KY! I'M HOME!" "UP HERE WITH JADEN!" She yelled, from her room most likely. "Jas, baby, lets go to my room." I moaned, trailing my hand down his chest. He nodded fast, his boner slowly growing. We walked upstairs, and Jason slammed his stuff in my room. "Now you wait out here and start putting some stuff away while I get ready for our sweet love making baby." I demanded. He moaned in responce and I slipped off my clothes and was in my black lacy bra and matching panties. I slipped off my shoes and fixed my makeup. I put my hair up in a messy bun, knowing I'll sweat. 


I walked outta the bathroom to find all of Jason's stuff put away except his bathroom stuff and he was laying on the bed in his boxers looking at me hungryily. "Fucking shit Sky." He moaned. I struted to the end of the bed, and slowly started to crawl up the bed, on him. As soon as my face was near his manhood, I used my teeth and pulled down his boxers. I flung them to the floor, and his dick sprung up, hitting his stomach. "Arggg, yes princess." He groaned, watching me eye his dick biting my lip. I kissed the tip, and slowly started to lick up the sides. "I-I-I love you Skylar Deep." He moaned, as I slowly licked his dick. I popped my mouth off his dick and spit in my hand and started to give him a handjob. "Guess what papi?" I sweetly purred. "Hmmm?" He said, closing his eyes. I removed my hand and his eyes snapped open. "Why did you stop?" He gasped. "Look at me when were making love." I smirked. He nodded and I slowly began again. His eyes were wide open and I said, "I love you too." He moaned in responce and his dick twitched in my hand, "Skyy, baby, I'm gonna-" and right before he came I slammed my mouth on my dick, letting his warm juices full my throat. "Awww fuck I love you so much words can't describe how much I love you Sky. Your the most perfect girl I have met." He said. I blushed and kissed up to his lips. He started to passionatly makeout with me and he moaned into the kiss. 


This kiss had no lust. Just love. Pure love. He flipped us over carefully so he was on top and he moved his hands swiftly down my body to my panties. He started to rub me through them and I pulled away from the kiss and moaned, "Oh my god papi." "Hmmm, this wet for me?" He asked, pulling them down. He flung them where I flung his boxers and he started to rub the outside of my pussy. "Jason..." I purred. "Yes kitten?" He asked, kissing my neck. "Aww... Fuck... Call me that again..." I ask as he added two fingers, stretching my hole. "Your my little kitten aren't you? Yes baby you are... My little pussy cat." I moaned as he added a third finger, and I brought my hand up to my bra, feeling my breast. "Here, let me." He groaned.  Jason pushed my hand away and unclipped my bra while, adding another finger. He was up to four in my tight hole. I moaned and he tossed my bra across the room. He took his fingers out of my pussy making me feel empty then he attached his mouth to my clit, moving it slowly making my core ache. "Oh my god, yes... My pussy can't take much more..." I screamed, twisting my nipples. He groaned on my core making me shiver. "Oh shit." I screamed, as my legs shaked. I let out my juices and Justin licked them up like a dog thristy for water. 


I moaned and Jason said, "Lets make some love now." I nodded my mind going crazy from this over whelming pleasure. Jason moved his tip in my core. He slowly pushed in my pussy and I moaned, "I love you Jason McCann." He groaned and nodded. My nails ran up and down his back making him moan in pain. "I love you Skylar Deep." He screamed, his thrusts filled with love and passion. He moved his face in front of my and we were staring at eachother in the eyes intently. "Your the best thing that e-e-ever came in my l-l-l-life, kitten." He smiled, his thrusts becoming sloppy. I knew he was close so I smiled back and said, "You're the most sexiest human being I ever met. I love you with all my heart Jason Drew McCann." He moaned and came. I came as well and he pulled out. He flopped on top of me and said, "You don't know how lucky I am to have you baby. You make me so happy. I can't imagine a life without you kitten." I blushed at the nickname and said, "I feel the same baby. You make me the happiest women alive even though you gave me a heart attack today." He chuckled and flipped the blankets on top of us.He pushed off me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed the back of my neck and whisper, "Good night pussy cat." I smiled and fell in a deep sleep. 


Jaden P.O.V: 

Kylie and I were sitting in her room watching a movie. Skylar and Jason were right next door getting it on and I'm getting kinda horny. "Oh my god, yes... My pussy can't take much more..." Skylar screamed. "Damn, their loud." Kylie chuckled, looking at me. I chuckled and said, "Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing the same thing but with you..." Kylie looked taken back and said, "Jaden... You know my standards. I don't wanna have sex until I'm 21." I groaned and Kylie said, "I'm not trying to get in a fight with you but-" "I bet Skylar would have sex with me..." I mummbled. Kylie stood up and growled, "What?" I stood up and said confidently, "I bet Skylar would have sex with me. Thats what I said." Kylie got tears in her eyes and said, "First off she would never do that to Jason. Do you hear them? They are in love! And two shes 23! I'm 18. Of course she probably would but she won't becasue of Jason. I knew you were bad news. God stick your dick in a hole, bastard." She ran out of the room and I rolled my eyes. Fuck it I'm done with this whiny bitch. I grabbed my shoes, slipped them on and walked down stairs. I past their door and heard Skylar moan, "I love you Jason McCann." I groaned in disgust and continued walking. 


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