One Night (Jason McCann)

Meet Skylar Deep. 23. Swimsuit Model. Mexican. Single.
Meet Jason McCann. 21. Illegal street fighter and drug dealer. Canadian. Dating Haley Bates.

What happens at the club one friday night?


6. 6; Street fight pt 1

Skylar P.O.V: 

You do not know how hopeless I feel. Jason has to carry me around everywhere! I can't even feel my legs! Right now I'm calling my mananger to tell him to cancel the photoshoots for today. Jason is taking a shower. "Hello?" Ron answered. "Hey Ron, its Sky." "Oh hey! You ready for your photoshoots today?" He asked. I rubbed the back of my neck laying down and said, "About that.. I can't do them today because lets say my personal life hurt me a little bit..." "Skylar Deep. What happened?" Ron asked, seriously. "Oh my god. My boyfriend fucked me to hard and now I can't walk geez!" I giggled. Ron bust out laughing and said, "Damn I want his dick." Yes, he is gay. "Any ways can you cancel and do it for this friday?" "Yeah sure. Bye boo." I hung up and Jason walked outta the bathroom with a towel hanging around his waist. "Who was that?" He asked, taking the towel from his waist and drying his wet hair. "Ron." I smiply responded, trying to turn over but failing. "Who the fuck is that?" He asked, through gritted teeth while slipping on his boxers. "My gay manager. Oh by the way, he wants your dick." I bust out laughing Jason did to then said, "The only person that gets my dick is you." Then, he slipped on his shirt and pants. "We gotta get going babe." He said, picking me up. I nodded and kissed his cheek, then said, "I'm sorry I can't walk..." He chuckled and said, "Its okay babe. I'm happy carring you. " I blushed and he put my in the front seat and he slammed the door walking over to the drivers side. 


Soon we were at his old house. Jason carefully picked me up and said, "If Hailey does anything, just tell me..." I nodded and we walked in the front door to see Hailey with some guy, making out on the couch. "JASON! Its not-" "You act like I care." Jason chuckled and set me at one of the dining room table chairs. "WELL I KNOW YOU DO! YOU JUST USING THIS SLUT TO MAKE ME JEALOUS!" Hailey screamed, pushing over the guy. "Look I ain't even gonna argue. I gotta pack some shit and my fighting gear. I'll be back after the fight to get the rest of my shit." Then he walked up stairs, leaving me with her. 


"So you think Jason actually loves you?" Hailey asked, sitting in front of me. "Considering I can't walk from his sex then yes." I chuckled, flipping my hair from my eyes. "He's using you." Hailey sneered. "Okay." I smiply stated, pulling out my phone. "Thats all you have to say bitch!?" Hailey screamed in my face. "Umm... Yeah." I chuckled at her behavior. Well she is 16. "Your a fucking, whore, slut, cunt, bitch-ass who sleeps her way around. With you fake ass titties and ass." She growled, and Jason came down stairs in this with a back hanging down his shoulder.

"Hailey shut the fuck up." Jason said, setting his bag down and taking off his gloves. "JASON! You know its true! Her boobs and ass are fake!" Hailey groaned, glaring at me. "They aren't and I know that cause I saw them, bare. Now stop fucking with me and my princess. Go ahead and live here. I'm moving in with bae." Jason said, picking me up and grabbing his bag. Then he started to walk out the door with me. "BUT I AM BAE!" Hailey screamed running to the door. Jason put me in the car and then drove off, to the place. 


"Babe, I'm sorry she said all the things." Jason said, rubbing my leg. "It's fine." I smiled and put my small hand on his inner thigh. We pulled up to this guys house and there were at least 15 cars outside. "You ready?" He asked, looking at me. I nodded and he got out, picked me up and walked inside. He started to walked down the house to a basement type of area and as soon as we walked in everyone turned and stared at me. Jason brought his lips to my ear and whispered, "Sorry, there staring. No hot chicks usually come to these things..." I laughed and nodded. 


We made our way to his area and he set me in his corner, with his brother Alex. "Bro! How many times do I have to tell you... Don't bring your fuck toys here! They'll distract you!" Alex yelled. "Exsqueeze me but I'm not his 'fuck toy' I'm his girlfriend. Don't EVER referr to me as that again." I growled, and Jason patted my shoulder then said, "Yeah, bro don't talk about my princess like that. She'll beat your ass. If she won't, I will." Alex raised his hands in surrender and said, "Sorry, ummm-" "Skylar." I responded rolling my eyes. "Yeah, and Jason your fighting Kelly tonight. Your fighting for roughly 26,000 tonight! So do your best to win." Alex said patting Jason's back as he pulled out his gloves. "Are you serious?" Jason asked, with a grin. Alex nodded and I said, "So you get this much each fight?" "Well, no. It depends on who he's fighting. Apparently this Kelly dude can really fight, but I trained him well. I'm pretty sure he can win." Alex said, cocky. 


Then we heard cheering from the other side of the club and some guy in boxing gear bust through the crowd.

"I'm guessing thats Kelly." I chuckled as he eyed us. He and his coach sat on the opposite side of the ring. Jason turned his head and looked over at me. "Baby, you got this!" I said, trying to stand up and I did! "YAYAY! I can stand up again!" I giggled, then jumped on Jason. He chuckled and said, "You are legit so cute baby." "I know." I said kissing his cheek. "Babe, if I win I'm gonna take you to the mall and buy you what ever you want." Jason said setting me down. "No you don't have to baby." I blushed, grabbing his neck. "I want to..." He kissed my lips lightly. I smiled and then we heard somone yell, "Yo McCann? You down with that broad yet? I wanna beat your ass." We turned around to see Kelly in the ring looking at us. 


"Frist of all I'm not a 'broad' and frankly Jason is gonna be the one to beat your ass." I smirked putting my hands around Jason's waist. Kelly chuckled and said, "Damn McCann, you got one with attitude! I bet she's freaky in bed..." Jason started to shake with anger and yelled, "DON'T TALK ABOUT MY GIRL LIKE THAT!" "Well, then lets get to it bro." Kelly said. Jason turned around and said, "I love you baby. Kiss for good luck." Then he stuck his bottom lip out. I giggled and pushed my lips on his and whispered in the kiss, "I love you more." Jason pulled away and whispered, "Thats not possible." "Okay, whatever. Now go beat his ugly ass." Jason chuckled, and whispered, "Will do." Then he hopped into the ring and I sat down, scared for my life. 

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