One Night (Jason McCann)

Meet Skylar Deep. 23. Swimsuit Model. Mexican. Single.
Meet Jason McCann. 21. Illegal street fighter and drug dealer. Canadian. Dating Haley Bates.

What happens at the club one friday night?


5. 5; Truth or Dare

Jason P.O.V: 

Sky and me were play fighting on the couch when Kylie walked in with a guy. "Hey guys this is Jaden." She said, as he wrapped his arm around her body. 

Skylar stood up and I got up, wrapping my arms around her ass. "Jaden, this is my bestfriend Skylar and her boyfriend Jason." Jaden looked up and down Skylar licking his lips then looked over at me and nodded. I scoffed and Skylar turned in front of me, then grabbed my neck pulling me down and said, "You saw him do that too huh..." I nodded and Kylie said, "Okay, lets play truth or dare." We all agreed and sat on the couch. "Okay, Jason truth or dare?" Kylie asked. "Dare!" I said licking my lips. "I dare you to give Sky a lapdance!" Kylie screamed. Skylar bust out laughing and I nodded, cause I don't give up dares. I started to grind my ass on her and I turned around facing her showing her my abs. She blushed and put my hand in her pants and I felt a pool of wetness. I moaned and Kylie said, "Okay done!" She pulled me off Skylar and I said, "Jaden, truth or dare?" "Truth." He responded, looking around. "Why do you like Kylie?" I asked, knowing every guy hates that question. He glared at me and said, "I love how up beat she is all the time and she has a killer ass." Kylie giggled and Jaden looked at Sky and said, "Truth or dare?" "Dare." She said. "I dare you to streak." He grinned. I got up and yelled, "NO FUCKING WAY." "You can't tell her what to do." Jaden yelled, standing up. "In all fairness Jaden. The only man I strip down for is him." Skylar said wrapping her arms around my body. I softend at her touch, but still angry. "Its a dare!" Jaden whined. "SHES NOT FUCKING DOING IT!" I screamed. Skylar jumped in front of me and pulled her lips on mine. I grasped her plump ass in my cold hands as she moaned in the kiss.


"Fuck it. Ky, lets go to my place." Jaden said, glaring at me. I flipped him off and him and Ky walked out the door. Skylar pulled away and said, "I'm sorry." "For what? He's the dick that is fucking with me. If I ever see him on the streets I'll-" "Daddy, stop talking like that! Its turning me on..." Skylar purred in my ear, rubbing my dick. "Aren't you already turned on from the lapdance?" I chuckled. She nodded and felt up my abs, into my shirt. "But when you talk like that you sound like such a fucking bad ass, on the streets... Ooooo..." She moaned, rubbing my lower back. I moaned, and said, "You want me to fuck up that pussy, like I'm gonna fuck up his face?" She moaned and nodded. "As you wish master." I moaned, slipping off my shirt. She moaned and kissed up my neck. She slipped off her jean shorts and my pants. Then She flipped us over and slipped off her panties and my boxers. She slowly sat on my dick, making me feel in heaven. "Holy fucking shit..." I moaned, rolling my eyes. "You like that daddy?" "Yess, baby." I moaned, as she thrusted on me. I slapped her ass and she moaned, "Thrust with me daddy, Thrust." I nodded and started to meet her thrust. As soon as she came, I came and she pulled out. 


She tried to stand up but fell back on my naked, sweaty body. "Damn it!" She groaned. "Fucked me a little too hard baby?" I asked, smirking then added, "Need me to carry you around all day?" She nodded and I helped her slip on her pants and I slipped on my clothes and started to walk upstairs. "Man! How am I suppose to do my photoshoot today?" She hit her forehead and added, "Why did you have to fuck me?" I buts out laughing and she said, "Jason! I'm being serious! If I don't come I'll look really unprofessional!" "Babe, I'll call you in sick, cause you kinda are...." I winked, laying her on the bed. She sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. I laid on the other side and said, "Why don't you come to my street fight later?" She turned over and asked, "What if I distract you? What if I make you lose? What if-" "Babe, stop. I'm pretty sure you will distract me, but in a good way. And I never lose. So come with me please and watch daddy be strong?" I asked wrapping my arm around her waist. She nodded and asked, "When in it?" "In an hour. So we gotta stop by my house and pick up my bags and stuff and also can I move in here with you? Ya know sine were together and everything..." I asked nervously. She giggled and nodded. "Lets go!" I said pulling her up from the bed. 

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