One Night (Jason McCann)

Meet Skylar Deep. 23. Swimsuit Model. Mexican. Single.
Meet Jason McCann. 21. Illegal street fighter and drug dealer. Canadian. Dating Haley Bates.

What happens at the club one friday night?


4. 4; Sorry Ky

Skylar P.O.V: 

"Ky... whats wrong?" I asked, turning around. "THIS!" She screamed, and flipped me a couple of papers, then ran outta the room. I picked up the papers and Jason read over my shoulder. 


New Models for Victoria Secret Fashion Show:

Mackine Jep

Hannah bates

Skylar Deep

Lonni Love 

Joanna Rank

Congrats! We will be sending you a letter with all the info for the show!

"Aww..Fuck." I groaned, throwing the papers down. "Whats so wrong about being in the most sexiest fashion show ever Sky? That is really great for your career!" Jason said. I sighed and pulled at my hair. "Jason, you don't get it! I promised Kylie when I first got discovered I wouldn't get too big or anything because most famous poeple turn on the poeple who keep them humble. I will not let that happen to me and Kylie. She is baiscally my only family. The only reason I got this was my ex Ty sent in some photos from photoshoots and I got sooo pissed. Oh did I get pissed. His excuse was that he would have a famous girlfriend. I didn't tell Kylie cause she would have freak. I didn't think I would make it thats why I didn't pull out. Fuckkk..." I graoned, taking a big breath. Jason rubbed my back then said, "But think about this Sky! This could put you on the block and I know you Skylar. You won't forget where you came from. You won't forget Kylie or me. Plus you'll be on T.V! TV! Sky you can't turn this down. The only thing I don't like about this idea is you will be wearing revealing clothes on TV, in front of a million men, looking at MY girl." His fists started to clench and his face turned red. 


"Jase, Jase. Please calm down... I'm not a slut. I'm not gonna fuck every guy that looks my way." I said rubbing his arm. His tense body softened and he said, "Well, you did that with me..." I chuckled and said, "Well, you know what? You looked sexy as fuck at the club and I didn't care if you were married or single, I was gonna hit that at least one time..." He grinned and said, "I felt the same way towards you." I giggled and rolled on top of him. We laid there for a minute then I said, "I better go talk to Ky." Jason nodded and as soon as I was about to get up Jason pulled me down and puckered his lips. I giggled and kissed him for a couple minutes. I pulled away and got up from the bed and got took a shower then got dressed in this.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Jason in new clothes. "Where did you get the clothes?" I asked, wrapping my arms around his waist. "I always have extra clothes in my car, just in case. I changed." He leaned down and kissed me passionatly. "Lets go to Kylie." I said pulling away. He nodded and we walked down stairs. When we got to the livingroom we found Kylie sitting down texting someone. 


"Kyl-" She interuppted me, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FUCKING LIED TO ME? YOU SIGNED UP FOR THAT WITHOUT TELLING ME? YOUR GONNA LEAVE ME LIKE THAT YOU BITCH!" I sat next Kylie and said, "Please listen to me..." She nodded and I explained the whole reason with Ty and everything. After a few moments of silence Kylie said, "It's okay, just promise you won't turn on me and become a slut." Jason picked me up and sat him in his lap then said, "I will personally make sure of that." He rubbed my hip and kissed my cheek. I giggled and Kylie said, "You guys are like a married couple, I swear." I nervously chuckled and said, "Ky, were not even together..." "Are you serious?" Ky asked, while gasping. Jason looked down and said, "Look Sky, I've had very fucked up relationships in the past, I use to be abusive and still sometimes I am. I feel like you deserve someone better then me. Someone who will treat you right..." I pulled his head up and said, "Jason, my life was HELL, and I'm pretty sure I cna handle some abuse. But if your not ready then I under-" Then his lips hit mine and fireworks went off in my stomach. "Will you be mine?" He mummbled agaisnt my lips. I nodded in pleasure and happiness. 


After a few minutes his lips pulled away, red and puffy, and he said, "Skylar Deep, your my fucking princess and I will treat you like one. Buy you stuff, shower you with kisses and stuff you gonna feel bad about me buying, but I want you to know, you deserve everything I get you, baby." My face became a bright red and I hid my face in his shirt. "Oh and Jason, I forgot to tell you I have a photoshoot today. You wanna come?" I asked, biting my lip. His eyes widened and I felt his boner on my thigh. "Why wouldn't I baby. Plus other guys might be there." He gripped my sides hard then softed as soon as he relized. "Sorry, baby." He mummbled. I kissed up his neck, to his ear and said, "It's fine papi. You were rougher in bed..." He moaned, and Kylie groaned in disgust then said, "I'm gonna call my boyfriend." "HOLD UP BITCH! Since when do you have a man?" I asked, shocked. She laughed and hit my arm, "Shut the fuck up bitch. I have had him for like 2 weeks we met at school. His name is Jaden." I chuckled and said, "Tell him to come over so we can hang!" She nodded and called him. 

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