One Night (Jason McCann)

Meet Skylar Deep. 23. Swimsuit Model. Mexican. Single.
Meet Jason McCann. 21. Illegal street fighter and drug dealer. Canadian. Dating Haley Bates.

What happens at the club one friday night?


3. 3; Done

Jason P.O.V:

I was happily eating my pizza that Sky and Kylie bought me when someone was at the door. Sky went to answer it and then she came back and whispered in my ear, "I think Haileys here!" I nearly choked on my pizza and looked at her. "Dead ass?" I asked. She nodded and I grabbed her hand and walked towards the door. "Hey baby!" Hailey said, kissing my cheek. I dropped Sky's hand and said, "Why are you here and how the hell did you find me?" Her smile dropped and she glared at Sky then said, "Well, a while back I knew you were cheating on me soooo I added a tracking device on your phone so if you ever left I would know where you were. Yes, I knew you were at the club, and when we had a fight about the lipstick I forgot about the device until now, sooo hi slut who is sleeping with my boyfriend." Then she waved her hand too close to Skylars face. I pulled Sky behind me and said, "Hailey you are crazy! And she is not a slut. I came onto her, and we only had sex once and hell it was soooo much better then yours. I'm sorry, I just don't think its working out..." Hailey chuckled and said, "You actually think I'm mad your breaking up with me? You never nade as much money as my other boyfriend anyways." "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" I yelled, pushing Hailey back on the street. "Oh, you didn't know? I was dating Austin all along. Since day one asshole. I just wanted the extra money and I knew you were in love since day one, so I ran with what I had." She chuckled. 


"So you wouldn't mind if I did this?" I asked, pulling Skylar in front of me and started to makeout. My hands slowly traveled to her ass and I picked her up, as she moaned in my mouth. "You know what? Whatever Jason. Bye!" Then she started to run from the door to her car with tears in her eyes. I unlocked my lips from Sky's and slammed the door shut then I started making out with Skylar again. "I'm sorry..." Sky said through the kiss. I pulled away and looked in her eyes. "Don't worry. It wasn't your fault..." 


Then Kylie walked in the room and said, "Is the bitch fight over?" Skylar bust out laughing and said, "There was no bitch fight." I chuckled and smacked Skylars ass. "You know what you should do babe?" I question Sky. "Hmm?" She asked, walking into the kitchen. "You should model some swimsuits for me..." I said, wrapping my arms around her small waist. She nodded, and started to walk up stairs while I followed. 


As soon as we got in her room, I pulled off my sweats and boxers, ready to jerk off to her beautiful ass body. "Why did you take off your pants?" She chuckled, going into her closet. "I can't just sit here and watch you wear fucking swimsuits for christ sakes..." I moaned, already horny. She nodded and started to strip slowly and put on a strapless American Flag bikini. She walked out and posed in front of me. "Holy fuck... Turn around, lettme see that ass..." I growled, stroking my dick. She nodded and turned around, slowly bending over. "Don't turn back till I say so. Got it?" I growled, loudly. She turned around and in the most innocent voice said, "Yes daddy..." Right then I came all over the back of her thighs. She took her finger and got some cum off her thigh and licked it then said, "Mmmmm... Daddy, you taste like sugar..." "Oh my fucking god."  I moaned, then added, "Don't make me cum again, Sky. I'm a hot sweaty mess when I cum more then three times." She nodded and asked, "Well, its midnight... Wanna go to sleep?" "Yeah, but I have one request... I have to cuddle before I go to sleep." I blushed looking down. Skylar smiled and said, "Me too Jase. Me too." We both changed into our undergarments and went to sleep, cuddling.


Next Morning; 

Skylar P.O.V: 

I woke up to the usually call/messages from my ex, Ty to take him back. We broke up 3 months ago because he was to controlling. He had to come to every photoshoot to make sure I wasnt cheating on him and he wouldnt let me wear what I wanna wear or go out and have fun. I saw this morning he was calling me. I groaned and picked up, "Hello?" "Sky! Sky, Sky baby I miss you! Please come back." He begged through the phone. "Ty, were over! You haven't changed and I'm over you." I groaned. I felt a hand grasp my ass I looked over to see Jason fully awake. "Oh yeah? Who got you over me?" Ty asked being cocky all of a sudden. "First of all cunt, that is none of your-" Then the phone got snatched from my hand and Jason put it on speaker and said, "Me, I'm her re-bound guy. Names Jason." "Well, Jason, this bitch can't keep her legs closed so have fun fucking with AIDS and shit." Ty chuckled trying to sike him out. "Sky, is not a bitch or a whore so shut you fucking mouth before I shut it for you and she's never gonna go back to you! If you call a chick begging for her back like a lost ass puppy, she ain't gonna take you back, cause it just shows how mainly your ass is. Oh and I'm gripping her ass now. Danm man. You let go of all of this? I feel sorry for you!" He hung up, and tossed me the phone. 


"What was that about?" I asked cuddling into his chest, smelling sweat and last nights perfume from me. "I was defending my girl." Jason smiled kissing my head. "Your girl?" I questioned, raising my eyebrows. "Yeah. Your my girl. My main chick." He chuckled and kissed my nose. "So like are we dating or nah?" I asked tipping my head up to look in his eyes. "Ummm... No. Just fuck buddies for now. But your my main." I chuckled lightly and kissed his nose back. "I never asked you what you did for a living?" I questioned rolling my hands in his hair. He looked down at me and said, "You really wanna know?" I nodded, and he continued, "Im a street fighter and I sell weed and pills." I gasped and hopped on his half naked body then sang-whispered, "I gotta bad boy; just a minute..." We both bust out laughing and he said, "But in all seriousiness, your not scared?" I chuckled and shook my head, then said,"Ya see, my dad beat my mom and older sister, every single day of my life until I moved out. My grandma got shot in a drive by and my three older brothers were in Mexico's toughest drug/gang shit what ever you call it. Living where I did, you can't be scared of shit." Jason looked at me in awe and said, "How... How did you live through that shit baby? I mean I grew up normally and look how fucking bad I turned out and you grew up bad and you turned out good? I don't get it..." I laughed and said, "I knew from a very little age, that I was gonna change my family. I was gonna change the way I lived. I was gonna change everything. So I got good grades, went to a modeling accademy and got discover when I was 17." He smiled and said, "How old are you now?" "Oh I'm 23. And you?" I asked, tieing my hair up in a messy bun. "21, and I didn't finish highschool. I dropped out to practice fighting with my brother Alex. Well damn I got my self an older women..." Jason said cupping both my ass cheeks roughly. 


"How old was Hailey she looked like, 20 or something?" I asked. "She's 16..." Jason said looking down. FUCKING 16! "JASON! That's like a pedo move you child molester." I gasped. "I know I know. But it wasn't my fault! When I met her,it was at a street fight. I just won and groupies were surrounding me, she was 13 at the time and I was 18. Smack dab an adult. She told me, she was 17 and she fucking looked like it to! Bitch had the makeup on, the slutty clothes; EVERYTHING! I just recently found out that she has been lieing to me about her age and thats mainly what has been causing all these fights. We have no trust! I mean for fuck sakes. I've been having sex with a CHILD for 3 years!" Jason looked down then added, "Promise me if she goes to the police and files rape, promise you'll bail me out and be there with me?" He eyes, surrounded with tears and I nodded and said, "What are main bitches for?" He smiled and grabbed me into a tight hug. Then he pulled away and said, "And you are not a main bitch your a main were-gonna-be-in-relationship-gotta-get-shit-straight chick." I bust out laughing and Kylie bust through the door and yelled, "SKYLAR!! WHAT IS THIS?" 

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