One Night (Jason McCann)

Meet Skylar Deep. 23. Swimsuit Model. Mexican. Single.
Meet Jason McCann. 21. Illegal street fighter and drug dealer. Canadian. Dating Haley Bates.

What happens at the club one friday night?


2. 2; Crazy Night pt 2

Jason P.O.V: 

"You know what you need?" Skylar asked me. I turned my head to face her and she slipped on my lap and whispered, "A women. A women with a working job, who appreciates the shit you do. Also a women that can give you a fun time." She lightly kissed my ear and continued, "You know what I mean?" I roughly grabbed her ass and said, "Yeah, I do. And who might that be mami?" She blew her hot, minty breath on my ear and said, "Me." Then my phone rang ruining the moment. She started to kiss my neck so while she was, I picked up my phone and saw 'Hailey' scroll across the screen. Fuck her. I got this hot ass chick all over me. I ended the call and she pulled her red lips from my neck. "That was what ever her name was right?" She asked, then added, "Is my lipstick messed up?" "Yeah. She thinks she controls my life. And Yeah but don't worry it looks perfect." I smiled, pulling her closer to me. 


"Hey, Skylar..." We turned around and saw a young girl deffiently not my type. "Hey Ky. Whats up?" She asked, running her hands down my back and into my jeans, so her soft hands were feeling my ass. I gasped, and the girl said, "Can we leave now. I think the bartender tried to give me a date rape drug or someshit. I'm fucking light headed." Skylar sighed and said, "Yeah go wait by the car. I'll be right out." The girl nodded and walked out. "Sorry Jason... Thats my bestfriend Kylie. She's 18 and this is her first time with beer and shit. Here I'll give you my number. If you need any thing text or me of if you wanna mess around then tell me." She grabbed a napkin and took a pen out of her clutch and wrote down her number along with a message. She slid the napkin over and gave me a slight peck on the lips. Her lips were soft and warm.  This sounds bad but I wish I was with her and not Hailey. "Bye papi." Then she got up and left. 


Skylar P.O.V: 

Damn. It sucks that he had a girlfriend. But hey, if she doesn't make him happy I sure as hell will. I got in the car and soon we were at home. "Whose that guy you were being nasty nasty with at the club?" Kylie asked grabbing some water and a pill. "Oh his name is Jason." I responded, getting a cold pizza slice. "So are you gonna like have sex with him?" She asked sitting on the kitchen counter. "Umm... Well I don't know because he has a girlfriend but the whole time he was complaining about her and shit but I hope so. He's hot as fuck." I sighed remembering his face. On que my phone buzzed and I picked it up from the counter and read the text


Hey its Jason ;)

I smiled and added him as a contact then responded


Hey babe. Hows your girl? 

"You texting him now aren't you?" Kylie asked, smirking. "Well yeah..." I smiled. "I'm going upstairs to change." She nodded and I headed up stairs. Then my phone started to ring. With out looking at the ID I answered it, "Hello?" "Hey I need a favor?" I heard Jason say through the phone. "Anything..." I smiled slipping off my dress. "Turn around." "What the fuck?" I chuckled. I turned around and saw Jason standing outside my window. I hung up and opened my window then yelled, "What the fuck are you doing?" "Well, Hailey threw my out for the night cause when I came home she saw your lipstick on my neck and shirt... Can I stay the night?" He asked. "Yeah, go to the front door, I'll be down in a second. I gotta chan-" "No don't change." Jason interuppted me. "Jason! I'm in my bra and panties!" I said covering my upper body. "I want you to model for me..." He grinned, blushing. "Okay whatever." I laughed, smiling. He ran to the front door as I closed my window and walked down stairs. 


I walked past Kylie and she said, "Why the hell are you half naked?" "Jason's at the door and he told me not to get dressed. I don't know Ky." I laughed. I walked to the front door and opened it to see Jason with a HUGE boner, sticking through his sweats. "Why do you have a boner?" I gasped, pulling him inside. He roughly pushed me agsaint the wall and whispered, "99% from you and 1% from the outside." I felt his dick brush agsaint my thigh making me wet. "Wh-y-y-y Jason do you wanna have se-x-x with me when you could be with your gi-r-rlfriend-d-d...?" I questioned, as he rubbed his hand up and down my back and lifted my other leg, wrapping it around his waist. "Cause one, My 'girlfriend' is a bitch. Two she doesn't have an ass or boobs like you. And three your sexy as fuck." He moaned snapping my thong agsiant my ass. I moaned in responance and Kylie walked past us not even noticing the sexual tention in the room.


"Skylar." Justin called. "Hm?" I asked looking into space. He roughly pulled my chin forward so I was looking in his dark, lustful eyes. "Fucking look at me when I wanna make love to you." He moaned. Make love? "Jason... How can we make love if we just met?" I asked, confused. He pulled in my leg tighter and groaned, "Like this..." Then he smashed his red/pink on mine. I moaned into the kiss and Jason pulled away and said, "Yeah... You like that bitch don't you?" I moaned in responce and me gently moved my thong to the side as his fingers drew circles on my pussy. I gasped and Jason growled, "I love this controll I have on you Sky." I nodded and put my mouth on his neck biting harshly. "Holy fuck..." I groaned agasint his neck which made him moan. "Jason... I'm gonna... fucking shit..." I moaned throwing my head back. Jason brought his lips to my ear and whispered seductively, "Go." and I let out all the juices that were built in my tight pussy. Jason loosned his grip so I pushed him back, unexpectedly. "You think you can tease me and not get nothing big boy?" I asked, grapping his collar. He smirked and responded, "Remember whose the stronger one here baby." I rolled my eyes and pushed him on the couch jumping on his dick. I slowly pulled down his sweats, along with his boxers. His big dick spang out and I slowly pulled down my thong. 


"What? No blowjob? Babe! I fingered you!" He groaned, staring at my pussy. "Shut the fuck up! You dont know what mami's gonna do. Be a good boy and wait." I yelled, then I unclipped my bra, letting my breasts fall. "Fuck..." He groaned, moving his hand to his dick, trying to pleasure himself. I slapped his hand away and shouted, "DO I NEED TO GET THE HANDCUFFS?" He started to sweat and moaned, "Do you?" "I don't know. Will you be a good boy and do what mami tells you? Cause it will be a hell lot more rougher then it will be without..." I said, pinning his hands above. Jason moaned and growled, "Take charge bitch. I wanna be your slave tonight babe. Get the fucking handcuffs..." I got up from him and grabbed my handcuffs and whip. I walked back in the room to find Jason pleasuring himself. "YOU FUCKING ASS!" I yelled, coming infront of him, then added, "LAY FUCKING DOWN HANDS UP." He nodded, happily and did as told. I handcuffed his hands above his head and started to slowly stroke his dick with my smooth hand. "Sk-k-kyyla-a-arr... Fuck." He groaned. "You like that daddy?" I asked, jerking him off slowly. He rolled his head back and moaned, "Yes... I'm your fucking daddy bitch. I'm your daddy Sky...." "Yes you are daddy..." I said going a little faster and while I was, I started to lick the head. "Ahhhhh... Fuck let me touch your cunt..." He growled, his eyes turning black. I started to give him a bj removing my hands and fingering myself. "Fuck... Gag baby. It turns me on..." He growled angrily. I gaged and he moaned, thrusting his hips in my mout making me gag more. "Sky... I'm gonna..." Then he came his sweet cum on my tougue. 


I popped my mouth off his dick and he saw I was fingering my self and he growled, "Move your dirty little hand bitch..." I chuckled and looked in his eyes, "You act like your in charge daddy..." He growled again and started to pull on the handcuffs. "You cant brea-" Then Jason broke through the hand cuffs and roughly flipped us over, then removed my fingers. "Now whose in charge bitch? Let me tell you one thing. At the end of the night, daddys always in charge." He plumeted his dick in my pussy hard, thrusting at a fast pase. "Jason... Jason..." I moaned, twisting my tips on my breasts. "I'm daddy, bitch. Daddy." Jason growled thrusting even harder. He flipped us over so I was on top and I started to ride him. He gripped my hips so hard they began to turn red. But hell, I didn't mind. After 10 minutes of non-stop thrusting and moaning, Jason yelled, "I'm gonna..." Then I screamed, "Me too..." and we both came at the same time. He pulled out and his dick fell on his ball sack. 


"Damn, Sky. Your a good ass fuck." He moaned, as I laid on top of him. "I wanna do it again..." I whispered, kissing his chest. "Me too. But Hailey... I don't know Sky... I've been with her for 3 years." Jason said, running his hand through his sweaty, messy sex hair. I pulled up from laying on him and asked, "So how the hell can I have hot, rough, sex with you anymore?"  He smirked and said, "Don't worry you'll get this dick one way or another. Hailey hasn't given me this much pleasure since we first had sex. And you gave me even more pleasure then she did then. I think it was becasue of how you take charge in sex. Hailey would just sit back and make me do all the work, while you made me wanna do all the work." I grinned and Kylie came down the stairs, as I flipped a blanket on us. 


"How was your guys sex?" She asked, smirking. "How do I even explain this beauty in bed?" He smiled moving my hair from my face. I blushed and Kylie asked, "Do you guys wanna eat anything?" "Yeah please, can you call Pizza Hut and order my usual? Jason what do you want?" I asked, looking in his eyes. "Yeah, I'll have a large cheese." He said cupping my ass. Kylie nodded and dailed the number. "Here, while she's calling lets go to my room." I said getting up. 


We quickly ran upstairs to my room and Jason slipped on his sweats and shirt. I walked into my closet and Jason followed. "What should I wear?" I asked, standing naked in front of him. He shrugged and slapped my ass, then watched it bounce up and down. I giggled and said, "Stop Jase!" He grinned sheepishly. I finally picked out this. 

"GUYS! PIZZA IS HERE!" Kylie yelled. Jason grabbed my ass, instead of my hand as we walked down the stairs. This boy. 


We were in the middle of eating when there was a knock at the door. "I got it!" I grinned skipping to the door. As I opened it I saw a girl maybe Kylie's age with long bleach blonde hair. "Hi, um is Jason here?" She asked. Oh shit. Its his main chick. 

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