One Night (Jason McCann)

Meet Skylar Deep. 23. Swimsuit Model. Mexican. Single.
Meet Jason McCann. 21. Illegal street fighter and drug dealer. Canadian. Dating Haley Bates.

What happens at the club one friday night?


10. 10; Photoshoot

Skylar P.O.V:

We pulled up to the photoshoot and we hopped out. Jason connected my hands with his and said, "No one better touch you..." I nodde as we slowly walked inside and I saw Ron. "Sky!" He yelled running up to me. I chuckled and wrapped my arms around him. "Oooo Sky! Whose this?" Ron asked checking out Jason. Jason looked at me and I said, "Ron this is my boyfriend Jason, Jase this is my manger Ron." They nodded at each other and Ron said, "Lets get you ready." I nodde and Jason gripped my hand as Ron leaded me to my dressing room. As soon as we got in my dressing room Jason said, "He's gay right?" I chuckled and nodded. "Good if he was straight he'd be dead." I smiled and kissed his cheek. "I only love you Tiger." He groaned and said, "Get ready. I can't wait to see you." I nodded and picked my frist outfit. I slipped it on and the hair and makeup poeple started to do my hair. 

They finished my look and I stood up to see Jason eyeing me. "Why did I come? I just wanna fuck you..." Jason chuckled pulling me in. I blushed and Andrea and Kesly bust out laughing. There my makeuo and hair people. "Shut the fuck up!" I said, turning around. Then Jason roughly cupped my ass and whispered, "Lets go fuck in the closet." He licked my neck and I pushed away. "No! I have to take some pictures. Lets go." I said, grabbing his hand and walking out. 


We walked out and I saw my partner, Jeffery. "Okay Sky, your modeling with Jeffery today and-" Then Jason intrupped the photographer, "No she's not." "Sir, she has too." "No she doesn't. The only man she's modeling with is me." I sighed and Jim, the photographer said, "Sir this is serious." I turned to Jason and said, "Babe, I have to. I love you, I promise." He looked down and said, "I love you too. Go before I change my mind." I smiled and kissed his cheek. I walked over to Jeffery and shook his hand. "Whose that?" Jeffery said glacing at Jason. I looked over and saw Jason looking at us intently. "Oh thats my boyfriend." I smiled looking over at him. He smirked and blew me a kiss. "Ok. Get in postion." We nodded and I sat on the motorcyle. Jeffery sat behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "FAN!" Jim yelled. Three people came with fans and my hair flew back. "AND POSE!" I started to make sexy poses as the camera shot photos and Jeffery was too. I looked from the cornor of my eye and saw Jason's eyes on me intently and his boner growing. 


"OKAY JEFFERY, ITS JUST GONNA BE SKY NOW." Jim yelled. Jeffery hopped off the motorcyle. I'm really gonna make him horny now. "Okay were moving to the car!" Jim said. I hopped off the motocyle and ran to Jason. I jumped on his body and whispered in his ear, "I saw your boner baby." "This is torture kitten. Please your dressing room is right there." He moaned gripping my ass. "Nope." I said kissing his cheek. I hopped off and walked to the car. I sat on the car and started to do a bunch of sexual poses as photos were being taken. Every other minute I'd look at Jason and every time I saw him, biting his lip and focusing on me.


Jason P.O.V: 

Damn. Is she trying to mentally hurt me? Cause damn, she is... She was sitting on the hood of the red car and posing so hot. I want her now... I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw her partner. "Hey I'm Jeffery." He said, looking at me. I nodded and said, "Jason McCann." "I just want you to know your a really lucky guy to have her...." He said, turning to Sky. I turned to her too and said, "Yeah, she's perfect. I love her with all my heart. Usually I'm not whipped but I am." He smiled and said, "I hit that once." My eyes grew black and I turned to him. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" I yelled, making everyone in the room go silent. Skylar ran from the car to me and stood in front of me. "Jase. Baby whats wrong?" She asked. "You slept with this dick face?" I growled, eyeing Jeffery. "Jason, it was one time and we weren't together!" She said, looking in my eyes. My body shook with anger and I yelled, "YOUR A FUCKING WHORE SLUT! I'M GOING HOME BITCH." I ran out of the room and into car. 


Skylar P.O.V:

I bust out crying as Jason stormed out of the studio."Okay I think this photoshoot is over..." Ron said, pulling me into my dressingroom. I sobbed into his shirt and he shhed me. I pulled out my phone and saw I had a text. 


From: Jasypoo :*

Meet me in the car. I'm sitting here thinking bout you kitten. 


I smiled and quickly changed back into my clothes. I ran outside and into the car. I saw Jason sitting in the car with tears in his eyes. "Baby, I'm sorry I-" I cut him off by my lips and started to make out. He moaned into the kiss and said, "I love you so much kitten." I nodded and slowly slipped on his lap. We pulled away to get a breath and I said, "Jase, I'm sorry but we weren't together. Heck I didn't even know you. It was like 4 years ago. I'm sorry, he's dick." Jason looked in my eyes and said, "Its okay. I'm sorry I called you a whore slut. I love you so much and it hurts me when my anger takes over cause I love you so much and I hurt you so bad sometimes- " Tears surounded his eyes and he continued, "But I love you with all my heart. You got me whipped so bad Sky. I have never cryed from hurting a women and your making me cry. God damn I'm not a man no more. But its worth it cause your mine..." I slammed my lips on his and whispered, "Your still a man tiger. Your my man..." He moaned and gripped my ass roughly. "I love you..." He said, kissing my neck. I nodded and said, "I love you too.." 

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