Night Out ||c.h||

Belle got played. She needed a night out. But then she can't help but fall her drunken body all over her favourite band member.

*Calum Hood Fanfic*


10. Post Show


I GOT SHE'S KINDA HOT TODAY!!! Been listening to it nonstop. Sorry if I'm slow to update or the chapters get shorter. I'm going back to school and it's hard to juggle everything.

- dontblink182

They were amazing!! Every second, every minute, every song. I enjoyed all of it!! The boys were so alive and happy as I would expect and Calum kept looking back at me just to make sure I hadn't left. But as if I would leave my favourite bands concert. The past few days have moved so quickly like I jumped in a Ferrari and put a brick on the excel orator. A night out at a concert with Em is just what I needed. Even if it wasn't the boys performing I just needed to loosen up.

"You know I've heard a lot of bullshit on Twitter lately." Ashton yelled out to the screaming girls. "You want to know why people are mad? People are mad because you guys are the best fans in the world." Everyone screamed including me and Emilie.

"We can't thank you enough for what you've done for us!" Luke started but Michael butted in

"This is our last song! Enjoy"

They started playing Amnesia and I wrapped my arm around Em as we swayed back and forth.

When the song was over the guys ran off and were handed some towels and water. The lights came on and I could see all the young teenagers filing out of the arena.

"Hey" Calum came up to me and hugged me.

"Ugh!! You smell" I groaned so he just hugged me tighter making me laugh.

"You smell good too." He said smiling down at me, I felt my face go red.

What is wrong with me?!? He can just look at me and I melt. Even with a pick up line like that he still makes me blush. I looked over at Emilie who was standing about a metre away from me, I then saw Luke standing behind her checking her out.

"Luke! Stop looking at Emilie's ass!" I yelled and he-and Emilie- looked straight up at me.

Emilie's face looked like a tomato and she looked at me as if she need serious help. She made me laugh how awkward she always is.

"Ha ha. I wasn't...I...uh...ha what? No." Wow forget Emilie being awkward Luke couldn't get a sentence out.

I just rolled my eyes and looked back at Calum who was smirking at Luke. He turned back to me and we walked through the doors to back stage and then into the dressing room. Once we got inside I noticed we were the only ones in there as Cal closed the door behind him. God.

"Um...that was a really good show! Thanks so much for the tickets" I said trying to calm my voice.

"Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it." He said grinning widely. "I could see you and Emilie rocking out the whole show. You looked hot." A devilish smirk appeared across his lips.

Woah hold up! Can we just establish what the fuck just happened!! He's always been nice and stuff but...

He walked up to me still with his little evil smirk and put his arms around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and we stared at each other for a split second until he lent down and softly pushed his lips into mine. Our lips moved in sync as I tangled my fingers in his hair making him slightly moan into my lips. I felt his tongue skim across my bottom lip and I willingly allowed him to slip his tongue into my mouth. He slightly bent down and lifted me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist, not once breaking the kiss. He pushed me against the wall as he held onto my thighs.

"Holy Shit!! Calum nice going!!" Ashton walked through the door making us both quickly pull away and Calum put me back down so I was standing.

"I'd tap that" he said casually walking in and sitting on the couch.

"Ashton" Calum warned. "Don't even..."

"She's kinda hot though." Michael shrugged also walking in.

Wow. I just stood there behind Calum. I can't believe it! That's so embarrassing. Hmm I wonder where Emilie is?

I crept out of the room and back into the backstage hall and sure enough there I saw Emilie and Luke. Emilie pushed up against the wall and Luke had his tongue down he throat. Please tell me I didn't look like that! Nah we probs looked way worse. I coughed trying to get their attention but they didn't move, so I decided to start walking back outside. Oh the boys were my ride back to the hotel and even then Emilie was taking me home.

I sat outside the arena with my head held high and my eyes closed feeling the cool breeze on my face. I heard the door I came out of-which was about 100 metres away- open and then footsteps running over to me. I opened my eyes to see Calum's silouivte standing above me, the night sky was clear and the only light came from the lamps along the street. He sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Aren't you cold?" He asked softly into my ear sending shivers.

"No I'm okay" I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder.

"Hey Belle." He spoke kindly. "Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure. What's on your mind?" I replied lifting my head to look at him.

"Well I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to go on a date with me sometime?" I looked down at his feet and I smiled.

"Of course Calum! I'd love to!" I wrappedj my arms around him and he hugged me back.

How the hell did I get my self here?

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