Night Out ||c.h||

Belle got played. She needed a night out. But then she can't help but fall her drunken body all over her favourite band member.

*Calum Hood Fanfic*


2. Hangover

I woke up with the biggest pain in my head. Great. I have a hangover. I can't remember anything from last night, the last thing I remember doing was saying goodbye to Emilie. And seeing as there was nobody else in the room, the bed was still made and I was still fully clothed I didn't do anything stupid. Thank God.

I had a shower and got dressed back into the same clothes as last night, which made me feel like a real tramp. I quickly went downstairs to the Casino's shopping quarter to buy a new outfit from my left over money and then I quickly went back upstairs to get changed, ignoring all the stares that I got for being in a dress like mine at 8:00am. Once I got to my room I got changed into black jeans, a nirvana cropped shirt, converse and a jumper seeing as it is almost winter and getting chilly. I shoved my old clothes into a small bag I bought and text Emilie.

*Hey Babe. How was the rest of ur night? I'm all safe but don't really remember much ahah xx*

She text back as I was heading downstairs to grab some breakfast. I sat down at a small table next to the window.

*Heyy. I had a good night ;) That's good I was a little worried haha neither do I. C u this arvo. So we can cry over not going to 5sos :( xx*

I pulled my eyes off my phone when a boy walked up and stood next to my table assuming it was the waiter I looked up but it wasn't. It was Calum Hood. The bassist from me and Emilie's favourite band and the only band we can actually agree on.

"Hey Elevator Girl" He said with a small smirk.

Please tell me I didn't. Fuck. Shit. No. I did not.

I looked at him with a blank expression. And then started apologising.

"Oh my god!! I am so sorry I don't remember anything about last night. I am so sorry if I did anything stupid. Holy crap. I am so sorry"

"Woah. Woah! It's okay" he laughed "nothing happened"

"Oh thank god" I sighed. "Oh not that I wouldn't I just...yeah I'm just gonna shut up...Sorry" I looked down at my hands completely embarrassed.

He was properly laughing now. "Your so cute."

What the hell is happening. Calum Hood just said I was cute!! I don't even know what's going on.

I looked up at him again and I could feel that my cheeks were red hot. " u want to sit down?" I asked trying to stop being awkward.

"Mmm the boys are sitting over there so I should probably go back...but you can join us if you want...seeing as your a loner" he said smirking down at me.

"Gee thanks. Your so kind." I said sarcastically "But sure why not" I tried to smile but I think it came across as really fake as I heard him chuckle under his breath.

"I'm Calum by the way. I didn't get to tell you that last night" he smiled and I swear it could light up the whole City.

"I'm.." I started

"Belle. Yeah I know"

I looked down at my hands a little embarrassed at how drunk I must've been last night. I got up from my table and walked with Calum over to the rest of the boys. I still can't believe this.

"Hey guys. This is Belle. The girl that I told you I met in the elevator last night." Calum spoke proudly. Which made me feel really inferior.

All the boys looked up from their phones to look at me. They were probably tweeting about the show tonight. Which may I add am NOT going to because Em's parents said that they don't trust her so my parents said no too. Assholes.

"Hey Belle" Luke said a smile spreading across his face as he looked me up and down. He was about to say something else but Michael butted in.

"Calum didn't stop talking about you last night"

I looked down not wanting them to see my cheeks flash red but looked back up at Calum who was giving the boys glares obviously feeling embarrassed.

"Shut up guys!! Look you've done to Calum" Ash said pointing towards the boy who was awkwardly smiling.

Me and Calum sat down and we ordered some food. Once the waiter walked away I felt really awkward just sitting there. All these boys were at least two years older than me. Same age as my brother. Shit. Tom was meant to be picking me up from Emilie's at 12:30.

"Something wrong?" Michael eventually spoke up looking at the worried expression on my face as I nodded my head and pulled out my phone.


Thank god I have heaps of time. I looked back up and all 4 boys were staying at me.

"Sorry. It's just that I'm meant to be at my friends house and I'm not but I'm brothers meant to be picking me up. But I have heaps of time don't worry."

"Why didn't you just stay at your friends house?" Like asked eagerly.

"Um...well me and Emilie came here last night and we drank a bit to much and she went home with a guy and I couldn't go back to her place when she wasn't there but I couldn't go to my place coz my parents would rage so yeah I stayed here and then I obviously met Calum in the elevator but I honestly don't remember anything." I said trying to explain what happened as quickly as possible.

"But offence...but you don't look old enough to drink" Ashton said getting quieter.

Shit. If I tell them how old I really am then they will probs just ditch me. But they're gonna find out one way or another.

"Um yeah I'm not.." I trailed off

"Then...?" Michael wanted me to continue so I did.

"We got fake IDs when we turned 16 and we hardly ever use them.." I was cut off

"So you used a fake ID to get drunk and then 'accidentally' stay at the same hotel as the band who has a concert tonight" I look at Calum shocked at what he just said "I should've known you were like the rest of them" he seemed angry.

"I would never do that!! Like ever!!" I felt a tear roll down my cheek and his face suddenly looked sympathetic. "The only reason we used them was because I walked in on my boyfriend..ex-boyfriend fucking another girl. And I couldn't deal with okay? It had nothing to do with you." My voice raised towards the end.

I stood up and walked out of the restaurant. Not bothering to look back at the 4 boys who I love. Loved. I can't believe he hasn't even known me for 24 hours and he would accuse me of doing something like that. I walked to reception and gave the woman my key to check out.

Calum POV

"Dude. What the fuck?!"

"Shut up Michael. I know okay!"

I can't believe that just happened. I can't believe I accused her of that. I feel so bad. I feel horrible. She was so kind and nice and she was so beautiful. But fuck me I just have to be an asshole every single fucking time.

"Dude you have to go after her!!" Ashton pulled me out of my thoughts.

He was right but I just did the stupidest thing I doubt she would want to talk to me. But I got up and left, running to reception. I could see her standing outside waiting for a taxi. There were swarms of fans outside and I knew that I couldn't go out there but I can't let her walk away like that.

"Belle!!!" I called and walked outside into the hot Australian sun.

I heard screams all around me as she turned around. I could see the tears rolling down her face and it made me feel even more horrible than before.

"Belle, please I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have accused you. I don't know anything about you and I had no right to say that" I spoke softly.

"I'm sorry too Calum. I shouldn't have led you on. I love your band but I was never just there to see you. I'm not insane." She smiled at the end but I could tell she was hurting.

I looked down as I could hear the screams around us and out of the corner of my eye I could see all the bouncers holding them back.

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