Night Out ||c.h||

Belle got played. She needed a night out. But then she can't help but fall her drunken body all over her favourite band member.

*Calum Hood Fanfic*


16. Apologise

I heard knocking on the bathroom door as I opened my eyes.

"Belle? I'm really sorry. I don't think it was right that you are going around with a guy the same age as me." His voice was soft and sorry.

I got out of the shower and put a towel around me, I picked up my clothes and opened the door. Tom stood there looking down.

"It's cool." I knew there was no use in yelling at him. I always lost.

I pushed past him as I went into my room. I changed into some comfortable clothes for the day. As much as I want to I know I'll probably never see Calum again. I gave up the only thing I was holding onto and now I'm never going to see him again. I picked up my phone to text Em;

*Hey babe. Can you please speak to Calum for me!!!*

*Yeah sure babe. What happened?? Where r u?? I'm calling you.*

Calum's POV

I know that she didn't mean what she said but it still hurt my feelings. I should've stayed with her, she gave me something that she had never given anyone before and that made me feel special. I really like her and as much I wish and cry I know I'll probably never see her again. I was playing Xbox in Mikey's room when Emilie's came crashing through the door.

"I have just had a 10 minute conversation with Belle. You know that she didn't mean what she said!! She gave you her virginity and in return your not talking to her!!" She stopped to take a breath. " I thought she was smarter than this. I thought she could realise when a boy just wanted sex or when they were actually genuine!! Please just apologise to her!!"

"I am actually genuine!! I really like her Em!! But I was just something to get her mind of her ex!!! I shouldn't have to apologise, she was the one in the wrong not me!!! She-"

"No she tried to apologise but you didn't let her. Her brother dragged her away before anything could happen!!"

I knew that she was right.

"I'll go see her." I sighed." Can I have her address??" She smiled a little and pulled out her phone.

"132 Simon's Road" and then she walked out.

I grabbed my jacket and headed downstairs, I walked through the crowd of girls and got into a taxi.

"132 Simons Road please"

When the taxi stopped I paid the driver and jumped out of the car, I was standing in front a huge house, it must have at least 7 bedrooms. I knocked on the door and the same boy as in the hotel opened the door.

"Uhh Tom right?" He nodded "Can I just talk to Belle? Just for-"

"Look man I don't want to be rude I don't know you but I think it would be better if you didn't see Belle." I looked me straight in the eye. I must admit I was quite shocked.

"Please! Just for a few minutes! I just won't to tell her I'm sorry and say goodbye." I sighed and stepped out of the doorway.

"Go up the stairs and down the hallway. It's the first door to the left"

I smiled at him and ran up the stairs.

Belle's POV

I sat on my bed and pulled up my sleeve to examine my scars. I could see the ones that had faded behind the new ones from this afternoon. My door opened as I quickly pulled down my sleeve and stood up, to see Calum standing there.

"Belle, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to get so angr-"

"Don't Calum," I knew that if he gave me a little lecture right now I would burst into tears. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said, it just came out." I looked at my toes.

Calum walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me, he placed his finger on my chin and lifted it do I was looking at him. He softly and slowly kissed me, it felt like it had love in it. He pulled away and jumped on my bed.

"Come here," he said patting the spot next to him. I sat down on my bed and crossed my legs. He grabbed my hands and pulled up my sleeves. I flinched at the feeling of the cotton across my skin. I saw his eyes sadden as he looked at my arms.

"Why do you do this?" I felt I tear fall down my cheek as his words left his lips.

"I don't know. It's just..." I trailed off as I started to sob.

"Awe I'm sorry I didn't mean to... I'm always here okay? You don't have to hurt yourself." I nodded and he gave me a hug. I am so thankful for him. Once I had stopped crying me and Calum lied down on my bed.

"Your brother doesn't really like me." I chuckled a little at his remark.

"He'll warm up to you. And he doesn't have any control over me anyway."

For the rest of the afternoon Calum and I cuddled on my bed. At about 4:00 Calum had to leave to get ready for the concert. I stayed home because Emilie was going to sleep over. Only bad thing right now; is that Calum is leaving tomorrow.

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