Night Out ||c.h||

Belle got played. She needed a night out. But then she can't help but fall her drunken body all over her favourite band member.

*Calum Hood Fanfic*


6. 4:30

Calum POV

I jumped in the taxi and drove away from Emilie's house. Why do I just keep stuffing thing up. I shouldn't have kissed her. She just got out of a relationship. You idiot!!


I jumped out of the taxi once I had payed the driver and once again walked past all the girls screaming stuff but I just couldn't get Belle off my mind. Her lips were so soft and plump I couldn't help myself. I hope she still comes tonight. I got up to my room and the boys were inside waiting for me.

"So???" Michael asked as soon as I closed the door behind me.

"She's fine."

"And??" They really were nosy weren't they.

"And...she's coming to the show tonight."

"Oh cool. Can't wait."

"With us.." I trailed off not sure if they'll be cool with it.

"Cool" they all said in sync.

I really like her and I know that's stupid because I haven't know her for long but she's just so....perfect.

Belle's POV

Emilie and I were all ready even though we still had another hour or so until we were meant to meet the boys.

"Hey Belle" Emilie's voice cracked.

"Yeah?" I put my phone down and looked up at her.

"Um well I know you probably don't want to talk about it but you seem really calm about Travis and I'm not saying it's a bad thing but I mean you loved him and I know that and it's okay for you to cry, have a melt down if you need. I just don't want you to hold it all inside and then have another year 10 situation." Her voice almost became a whisper at the end but I could still hear her. The reminder of year 10 and Travis hurt but I stopped myself from letting my tears out.

I looked up from my wrists and straight into her eyes. I knew exactly what she was talking about but I tried to pretend I didn't. I don't know if she knows or not.

I've already gotten myself in that situation Emilie.

Her and Travis were the only ones who knew that I started again last year. I kept it from my parents and even my brother. Last time they found out they wouldn't stop telling me how stupid it was and honestly they just made it worse and last year when I started again i had learnt from that mistake and didn't let it happen again. I hadn't touched my wrist for a year and then yesterday when I saw Travis, I couldn't help myself. I didn't want to hurt Emilie because I know how much she cares and I love her for that she just the only person left that I can really trust.

"I already have." I said quietly

"Oh Belle" she said running over and sitting next to me, giving me a huge hug. "You can trust me babe. You don't have to hurt yourself. I'm always here for you"

I could help myself and I started crying.

"Thanks Em. I love you so much" I said through my sobs.

Once I had stopped crying and had reapplied makeup. We jumped in Em's car and drove to the casino, even though we could just drive to the arena it would be way funner to go with the boys. We found a park and jumped out walking to the entrance of the Casino.

"Excuse me! Sorry you can't go in there!" A mans voice boomed as we were about to walk in.

"Um why not?" I asked innocently even though I know it was because of the boys.

"Because the boys don't want to be bombarded with fans"

As soon as I was about to say something. A boy started speaking on the other side of the mans radio.

"Hey Sam. There are two girls coming with us to the arena today so just let them through if they come.

"Yeah dude they're here"

"Hey Calum" we both said in unison but he didn't say anything back so Sam let us through the doors.

We were sitting there for about 10 minutes when the boys walked out of the elevator.

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