Night Out ||c.h||

Belle got played. She needed a night out. But then she can't help but fall her drunken body all over her favourite band member.

*Calum Hood Fanfic*


1. Casino Royal

"Oi Emilie!" I yelled out to my best friend about to get into a taxi with some guy.

"Hurry up Belle!!" She huffed turning around.

"I'm just gonna stay at the hotel tonight!" I said knowing that if I went home like this my parents would be furious.

"Awe okay. Stay safe!!" She said disappointed.

Emilie is my best friend. I'm not quite sure why we are friends seeing as our fashion, our music taste, the boys we like and practically everything-except the way we look- is the complete opposite. We do everything together, I mean like everything and I can't bear to be apart from her.

Yesterday I walked in on my boyfriend fucking some other chick, I was a mess but I just wanted to get it off my mind so me and Em used our fake IDs we got each other last year on our 16th birthdays to go to the casino to get smashed and hopefully find some new dudes, which Em scored on but unfortunately for me they all just reminded me of what I lost. Travis. I drank a little to much and if I went home like this my parents would rage so I decided to stay the night at the Casino's hotel.

I walked back inside after Emilie left and walked up to the reception.

" u have a spare room?" I was trying my hardest not to slur my words.

"Yes. We do. Your name sorry?" The lady asked me politely

"Belle Southern"

"Okay here you are."

She handed me a key and I payed for my room. I walked over to the lift and pressed the button, as soon as the doors were going to close again a boy who looked a little older than me stopped it. He walked in and flashed me a smile while pressing the button to his floor. He looked really familiar but I'm way to drunk to think right now, all I really want to do right now is fall asleep which I almost did but the tanned, dark haired boy grabbed my waist and helped me to stand.

"Your pretty" I giggled not really noticing how drunk I was.

"Not to bad yourself" He answered laughing a little. "What's your name beautiful?"

I looked at the ground and flushed a little at what he called me but then the memory of Travis calling me that popped into mind and I felt a tear run down my cheek. Whipping it away I looked up into the boys kind brown eyes, which were peering down on me.

"Belle" I replied almost not loud enough. "What's-" I was cut off by the doors opening to my floor. "Um..bye." I said almost tripping out of the lift.

"Bye beautiful" he smiled and the doors closed.

When I got to my room I immediately passed out on my bed.

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