Same Mistakes

"You said "Forever" what happened?" Ana said. "It was all one big mistake." he tells me. "IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS YOU MADE THE SAME MISTAKE?" copyright Michael_is_my_cliff_Sixx


2. Prologue: New Country, Life, School, Friends

Ana's POV

"Sweetie get up! You need to get ready for your first day of school here in Ireland!" I hear my mummy say. We moved here over Christmas break. I wish I didn't move. "I don't want to go to school!" I begin to cry as I run into my mummy and daddy's room. "Ana! Calm down. You can make new friends! The little boy next door goes to school with you too!" Daddy says picking me up. "But it is a boy! Boys are gross!" I whine. "So you think your two older brother are gross?" Mummy laughs. "No! I love them! They are the only boys that aren't gross!" I say crossing my arms. "Oh c'mon! I know you will want to go to school! I bet there are really nice people in your class!" Daddy says putting me down.


"Have fun sweetie." Mummy says as she leaves me to go to work. "Hi, sweetie. Would you like to tell us your name?" The teacher says.

"Um, uh, hi.... I am Ana..." I say shyly. "Where are you from, Ana?" the teacher asks. "Portland, Oregon, USA." I say shyly. "Well that is nice." The teacher smiles, "Ana, you will sit with Alice, Tyler and Niall." the teacher says pointing at each one of them. Niall... that was a pretty name. The boy named Niall was pretty too. "Hi! I am Niall." Niall says and smiles. He had brown hair and bright blue eyes. "I am Ana..." I quietly say as I sit in my seat quietly.

"Okay, well like I told you guys a couple of days ago, we are having a free day." The teacher smiles. Everyone cheers in their Irish accents. I miss America. I don't like it here. "Niall, or someone from your group, would you like to show Ana around?" The teacher asks. Alice was already playing with their dollies and Tyler was playing with the blocks with his friends. "Yay! I will!" Niall screams in joy. "Okay, Niall! But, please calm down." The teacher says.

"What would you like to do?" Niall asks me with a huge smile on his face. "I don't know..." I say shyly. "Why are you so quiet?" Niall asks as he takes hold of my right hand. "I miss my old home and my friends at my old school. Plus, I am always shy." I say quietly. "Ana, there is nothing to be afraid of here though. It is really cool in Ireland!!" Niall says and hugs me. I think I made a new friend. I like him a lot. "Thank you, Niall." I smile. Suddenly, the bell rings. "Recess!!" The teacher yells and everyone begins to run out the back door of the classroom.

"C'mon, Ana! We can go play!" Niall says as he runs to the door, but waits for me. "Okay!" I say and run over to him. We go outside and I see many kids running around just like how it used to be. "Let's play some football (soccer)!! Wait, do you like football?" Niall asks. "Yes. I do. I played on a soccer team in Oregon." I smile. We run to the football field.

"Can we play?" Niall asks some boys. "Is this your girlfriend, Niall? She is a cutie!" A boy says. He looked way older than us! Like he was in fourth or fifth grade! "No! She is not me girlfriend! I just met her today!" Niall says. "Stop annoying the little children, boys!" A recess monitor says as she walks up to the boys. "Sorry..." The boys say and walk away. "Sweet! We can play football all on our own!!" Niall says excitedly. Niall grabs the soccer ball and we begin to play. "This is so much fun, Niall!" I smile and giggle.

The bell rings and that means it is time for us to come inside. "C'mon Ana!" Niall says and grabs my hand. We run into the classroom.


"Okay, time to pack up." The teacher says. Already? It is seriously the end of the day? "Are you going to walk or are your parents picking you up?" Niall asks. "My brothers and I are walking home together. Maybe we can walk together! Wait, where do you live?" I ask as I put my coat on. "I can show you where I live!" Niall smiles. "Okay!" I smile.


"Kyle? Jack? Where are you?!" I yell over the crowd of kids. "Ana! We are over here!" Jack yells as he stands on a bench. I run over to them with Niall. "Now I need to get my brother Greg." Niall says. "Greg!!" Niall yells as soon as he sees him. "Who is this, Ana?" Kyle says motioning to Niall. "This is my new friend Niall!" I say happily. "Oh nice. Well let's head home." Jack says.

"Wait?! You live here?! I live next to you, Ana!!!" Niall says in excitement. "This is so cool!!!" I say jumping  and down. "Well, bye, Ana." Niall says and walks with Greg to his house.

This was the best day ever! Niall is so cool! He is my best friend!! I think I might love him... already...? Love doesn't really even mean anything in second grade. I love him though. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Wow!! Here is the first chapter you guys!!! I need some sleep! It is almost midnight! XD Well I hope you like Shannon and I's story!!! C:~Ana

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