Same Mistakes

"You said "Forever" what happened?" Ana said. "It was all one big mistake." he tells me. "IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS YOU MADE THE SAME MISTAKE?" copyright Michael_is_my_cliff_Sixx


3. my best friend is going

Ana's POV

*years later* 

"You better not do something stupid, Niall, when your gone. Remember try, your best." I tell Niall. He's going to addition for the X-facter. "I won't, I promise okay, for now can we just enjoy this pizza that you made?" I laugh Niall Horan, my first friend, in Ireland. "Come on Niall we got to go." I said "Your coming to watch. Right?" Niall takes a bite of his pizza. "Of course! Why wouldn't I, Ni?" I giggle.

I don't know what I would be doing if Niall wasn't my friend. We are extremely close, like, crazy close. I mean, who wouldn't want to be friends with this lovely Irish boy? He is so sweet, caring, cute, and just amazing! He's insane trust me he is, but he was all I ever needed in life and I didn't even know it. I think he is the closest friend I have ever had, I mean, I love him and his craziness.

"Are you ready? We need to get going!" I say getting up from the table we were at. "Okay, but I am hungry!" Niall says and smiles. "Ana is right, Niall. We need to get going, love." Maura, Niall's mom, says walking into the kitchen. "Okay." Niall gets up and stretches.

"Niall, your going to be great!!" I say smiling as we walk to Maura's car. "Bobby and Greg will meet us at your audition, Niall." Maura smiles and gets in the car.

"I'm nervous, Ana..." Niall whispers to me. "Niall, you are going to be fine!" I whisper loudly to him. "Are you sure?" Niall asks quietly. "Yes, I'm sure, Ni." I kiss his cheek fast and see him turn a bright red. "You're cute, Niall." I giggle. "You're cuter!"  Niall chuckles. "I'm cute?" I ask shyly. "Yes, of course you are. I would never lie to you. You are freaking adorable." Niall smiles. I blush at what he is saying, "Really?" "Yep!" Niall smiles.

"Whoa. You guys are total love birds back there." Maura smiles. "Mum! What the heck?!" Niall turns red. "I am being honest. You guys are so cute together." Maura looks back at us and then back to the road.

"We're here!" Maura says excitedly.

"Niall remember when I first heard you singing, you had a smile on your face and you were relaxed. Do the same thing when your performing like your in you room." I have had a small Irish accent since I moved here so those years I have had here are going to be remembered by my accent. I'm moving back to the US if Niall makes it.

*After performance*

"I MADE IT, I MADE IT, ANA I MADE IT!!!!" Niall yelled "Niall I'm moving back to the US, I thought if you made it I could go help my grand mother okay. And you were amazing I will make sure to watch every episode." I said  tears in my eyes. "Okay love just be safe." He said. That was the last day I have seen my best friend Niall Horan.


Okay so this chapter is not the greatest promised someone that I would update it today for them so here is the chapter ~ Shannon :)

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