New movella

I'm just an average girl who fell in love


1. Chapter 1

Georgia's pov

'Georgia! The Taxis here quickly, we're going to miss our flight!' Mum shouted upstairs

We're moving to Australia, all the way from London! I honestly don't want to leave here, I'm leaving all or my friends, we'll, my one true friend Lauren. I also had to break up with my boyfriend because we before thought that it wasn't going to work! He was my everything!

I've been in a few bad relationships in the past, and this is the best one. He didn't treat me like shit!


As we got to the Airport, we got out tickets and saw there was still an hour till we had to start boarding! So we decided to go in all the shops in Gatwick. Gatwick is huge! I brought the 'Pink pearl pop' Mac lipstick! Once we finished that we walked to our gate and got on the plane.

Bye London😪

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